The ultimate Bali destination for the luxury traveller


There is a certain idea or understanding amongst travellers that a holiday or trip overseas can be one of two things; either a chance for luxury, pampering, and lounging poolside, or an action-packed, culturally immersive exploration of the area that you are staying in – but what if you don’t have to choose between the two?

AYANA Bali blends all the perks and comforts of ultra-luxury travel with a deep appreciation for Balinese culture and the stunning natural landscape and environment that the Indonesian island is home to.

The 5-star AYANA Bali is truly set apart by the shared facilities within it, that harness Balinese culture, focus on wellness, and ensure guests leave with memories that last a lifetime.

The SAKA Museum is the newest attraction to be introduced by AYANA Bali, previewed earlier this year, and officially opening in 2024.

It is a cultural centre and event destination which recognises the heritage and history of Bali, allowing guests to truly gain an understanding of and appreciation of their holiday destination.

The space will host events and exhibitions that spotlight local Balinese artists, commemorate important Balinese spiritual events, and work with scholars and historians to ensure the richest possible recognition of the local cultural heritage.

What the Museum has perfected in its design is a capturing of the timeless Balinese charm, whilst also creating a space perfect for a number of different events, with spacious open-air and indoor areas in the ultra-modern and cutting-edge facility.

The name of the museum is in itself of cultural significance – it pays homage to the Balinese Saka calendar, which is adapted from an ancient Hindu solar calendar.

The calendar follows the cycles of the moon, and many cultural and religious ceremonies are held in accordance with the calendar – celebrations that make up an important part of the vibrant cultural tapestry on the island.

The name represents the ultimate mission of the SAKA Museum, and AYANA Bali as a whole, to integrate the past, present, and future of Bali, and introduce visitors to the beauty, history, and attractions that are on offer.

AYANA Bali also integrates the natural surroundings of Bali with the two-hectare AYANA Farm, which is not only a working organic and sustainable farming site but also a means to educate guests on generations-old farming practices used in the country.

The farm works as a balanced and sustainable ecosystem, using traditional Indonesian farming knowledge, which understands how to work within the tropical weather cycles that can include long dry and wet seasons.

There is a reason Bali is endlessly popular with Australian tourists. In part, it is geographical proximity, and in part, it is the tropical weather and beautiful natural surroundings – but what truly draws many travellers is its reputation as a spa destination.

AYANA Spa not only lives up to this reputation, but arguably precedes it, with a range of indulgent, pampering spa treatments all aimed at ensuring guests are as relaxed, calm, and well-cared for as possible.

Of course, you don’t have to just take our word for it. Travel+Leisure Southeast Asia named AYANA Spa as 2023’s Best Hotel Spa in Indonesia – and given the expansive tourism landscape in the country that is no small victory.

And if Indonesia’s best hotel spa isn’t luxurious enough for you, AYANA Bali also offers the “Spa on the Rocks” experience.

With the typical cutting-edge technology and highly professional staff of any spa experience with AYANA, “Spa on the Rocks” offers unique wellness rituals in two luxury spa villas that sit on large rocks overlooking the vast, sparkling blue Indian Ocean.

While you are massaged, acupressured, and ‘facialed’ using only high-end luxurious products, such as La Mer and Eminence, you get to relax, drift away, and enjoy the completely captivating ocean view.

It’s the perfect treat and a well-deserved escape from life’s everyday stresses.

But for some, the ultimate holiday treat is all about enjoying the food – whether that be local cuisine, a fine dining experience, or getting out and exploring new bars and entertainment venues.

It’s safe to say that in that regard, AYANA Bali has you completely covered, boasting 28 separate dining destinations across the 90-hectare resort for guests to explore and enjoy, across a range of styles and cuisines.

For a romantic dinner for two, a boozy night with friends, or a casual feed after a day at the beach you can pick from the multiple bars, two Japanese restaurants, multiple Indonesian restaurants, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Mediterranean, steak + seafood, health café, ice cream bar and more, to suit whatever the occasion calls for.

And once you’ve enjoyed a day rich in cultural history, relaxed after a full spa pampering session, with a stomach full and satisfied after dinner (and maybe desert… Hey, you’re on holiday!) at one of the fine dining offerings at the resort, you can retire to your luxury villa.

There are 78 spacious villas as part of AYANA Villas Bali, with either one, two or three bedrooms, hidden away in a secluded garden.

Guests can enjoy a private pool deck with views of the Indian Ocean, as well as a 24/7 butler service.

And of course, inside the villas themselves are tastefully designed and well-furnished rooms, comfortable dining areas, and completely luxurious bathrooms.

For a honeymoon or other romantic getaway, for the culturally immersive traveller, or for the luxury holiday-maker who desperately needs a break from the demands and stressors of life, AYANA Villas Bali is truly the place to be.