What’s yours is MINE?

The death and rebirth of bricks and mortar. Here’s how some disruptive companies are out-thinking the latest retail apocalypse. Ask not for whom the Bell Tolls When Investment Bank UBS announced that 50,000 retail stores were likely to close in the US alone by 2027, pundits globally began to further chime the death knell of […]

What’s hot in shopping this year? Value, and a return to retail stores

Australian shoppers are on the hunt for a bargain more than ever before – and are also more willing to shop in person compared to last year, new research from Shopify has revealed. It is no surprise given the massive increase in the cost of living over the last few years, that Australian consumers are […]

Forget sneakers, Gen Z kids are now buying $500 fragrances

When it comes to luxury fragrances, few brands capture the essence of Italian elegance like Xerjoff. Established in 2006 by Sergio Momo, the lineup has quickly risen to prominence in the world of haute perfumery, so much so it’s now pulling in a whole new (and rather unexpected) target audience – teenage boys. It seems […]