Forbes’ Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 2023

As much as we love the holiday season, sometimes the stress of finding a gift for everyone in your life can feel like way too much – so let us help you. Forbes Australia has picked out some of our favourite luxury (and unnecessary) gifts for you to spoil your loved ones with. Contour Cube: […]

‘Didn’t need convincing’: Billionaire Katie Page backs designer resale pioneers

Harvey Norman chief and billionaire Katie Page says she didn’t need much convincing when Brooke Marks and Lauren Kennedy came a’knocking, seeking investment for their Facebook-group-turned-app. Years before the concept of a circular economy hit the mainstream, Brooke Marks founded a secret Facebook group called High End, with a view to re-sell designer, high-end items. […]

Your summer guide to suiting up in style

As we fast approach the sweltering months of another Aussie summer, the perennial challenge returns – how does one stay stylish yet comfortable in this sort of heat? Forbes Australia sits down with the team at tailoring specialists InStitchu to get their hot takes on elevating your wardrobe beyond the off-the-rack specials. Key Background So, […]

Inside a $450 million watch collection

Patrick Getreide amassed the one-of-a-kind OAK Collection over five decades. Now the French entrepreneur believes the time is right to sell 142 of his rare treasures at Christie’s this month. When he was 12 years old at boarding school in Switzerland, Patrick Getreide would walk past a local watch store, dreaming of one of the […]