Elevating Digital Learning to New Heights, The Business Explained Way

In a bustling city, a young entrepreneur immerses himself in a digital book. The topic? Cutting-edge business strategies. The source? Business Explained, the platform that’s reshaping how professionals approach business knowledge in the digital age.

The Digital Evolution in Business Education

Education, especially in the business domain, has undergone a transformative shift. Traditional books remain beloved, with projections suggesting 1.87 billion readers by 2027. Yet, the allure of e-readers is undeniable, with their user base expected to touch 1.2 billion in the same period. Amidst this evolution, Business Explained emerges as a beacon.

“The company emerged from recognizing the digital future, bridging the traditional and the modern to offer rich business insights in a digital, accessible format,” says Mark Jefford, brand manager of Business Explained.

The numbers tell a story of change. In January 2023, US eBook sales grew 3.7% year-on-year, translating to $85 million in revenue. This growth underscores a trend: the

digital medium is becoming the choice for many, especially for specialized topics like business.

Craftsmanship in Content

More than another name, Business Explained distinguished themselves by focusing on depth, quality, and simplicity. Its offerings span a spectrum from entrepreneurship, marketing, and finance to human resources, organizational management, project management, among others.

The company emphasized the meticulous curation of its content, noting the importance of time in business. Its eBooks are designed for efficiency, catering to promising and rising entrepreneurs and experienced professionals, aiming to provide them with valuable insights for success. Statistics reinforce this statement: between 2021 and 2023, the price gap between eBooks and hardcovers on platforms like Amazon widened by 75%, favoring eBooks. This isn’t just a cost phenomenon; it’s about convenience, adaptability, and on-the-go learning.

Furthermore, Business Explained is innovating and expanding its product line, with “Success Blueprints” being a prime example. This new offering is designed to provide a roadmap for business success, distilling complex strategies and insights into actionable steps. With this addition, Business Explained further cements its position as a frontrunner in delivering top-tier digital business resources.

Anticipating the Next Chapter in Digital Business Education

As 2030 approaches, the educational landscape, particularly business-focused, is poised for further evolution. While print textbooks will likely remain classroom staples, platforms like Business Explained are molding the future of business education.

A 2019 Pew Research survey hinted at the growing traction of digital books. Their influence, while gradual, is palpable. With platforms like Business Explained leading the charge, business-themed books might soon be on the rise. Its curated content, tailored to the modern professional, answers the increasing demand for accessible and high-quality business knowledge.Business Explained encourages a movement, as the company’s mission goes beyond merely offering eBooks. It aims to change how people view business education, envisioning a future where knowledge is accessible and actionable. This is seen as only the start of their journey to transforming how the world grapples with digital business education. “At the heart of it all, it’s about empowerment,” Jefford concludes. “With the right resources, anyone can realize their business aspirations. We’re here to provide those resources, one eBook at a time.”