How Lia Holmgren Blends Psychology and Trading

In high-risk professions like trading, nervousness, excitement, and greed can get in the way of making good choices. Lia Holmgren has set herself apart as an expert in human emotions and how they affect decisions. Holmgren is a student of both psychology and trading, which allows her to see the ways these two intersect. As a trading coach, Holmgren guides her clients through recognizing their emotions and trains them on how to remain rational.

Holmgren started her career as a marriage counselor which gave her a crash course in managing heightened emotions. Mediating arguments between couples helped her build the skillset that makes her a great trading coach. Dealing with the extreme emotions of anger, sadness, stress, and betrayal on a regular basis prepared Holmgren for anything that came her way. In 2020, when she decided to focus her career on trading, Holmgren set out to educate traders on emotional intelligence’s impact on their profits.

All human behaviour carries patterns, and understanding emotional patterns can help build healthy relationships and create strong trading habits. Holmgren teaches her clients to recognise these patterns in themselves with the same techniques she would use for a couple in counselling. She asserts that forming better habits is all about recognising the unhealthy ones you are currently engaged in.

Common emotions when trading include fear, greed, and impatience, all of which can lead to poor risk management and loss of profit. Risk management is Holmgren’s top priority when working with traders, and recognising those emotions can be the start of better emotional regulation.

Aside from risk management, Holmgren’s emotional intelligence training focuses on two main categories: expectation management and self-confidence. Trading is a risky business, and major losses and wins happen frequently. Managing expectations and not immediately reacting to a big loss or win is key when building a portfolio. Looking at things logically instead of allowing emotions to get out of hand is the only way to truly make a profit, she says.

Holmgren teaches her clients to expect wins and losses before they happen and how to deal with the intense emotional backlash of either situation. Self-confidence goes hand-in-hand with expectation management. Holmgren believes it is essential for traders to be confident in their decisions, regardless of the outcome. In such a volatile business, it is easy to constantly be second-guessing yourself. For both success and longevity in trading, confidence in each choice is key, including standing by decisions regardless of their outcome.

Amongst a multitude of trading coaches, Holmgren’s knowledge of both the trading world and the intricacies of human emotion sets her apart. Between new technologies, staying up to date on trends, and constantly learning new tricks of the trade, Holmgren is at the forefront of her industry. She has explored all sides of trading intimately and holds a unique understanding of the human psyche.

Traders looking for a steady income and a balanced life instead of a chaotic cycle of wins, losses, and emotional highs and lows can see significant benefits by training with Holmgren. Her strategy of bringing traders into the future, promoting longevity, happiness, and a stronger career is sure to make an impact.