Leading with Empathy: Jacqueline Ball’s Compassionate Approach to Success in the Digital Marketing Industry

In the fast-paced and competitive business world, empathetic leadership is essential for success. Empathy enables leaders to understand and respond to their team’s needs, fostering a supportive work environment that drives better results. Jacqueline Ball, the founder of Sozoe Creative, has embraced leading with empathy, achieving impressive success in the digital marketing industry. This article explores the importance of empathetic leadership and how Ball’s compassionate approach has driven Sozoe Creative to new heights.

“I Never Wore the Tuxedo”

Jacqueline Ball is the founder of Sozoe Creative, a boutique marketing agency based in Jacksonville, Florida. The company offers full marketing services, website design, strategy formation, and ad campaign management, with a special focus on Pinterest marketing. Serving clients worldwide, Sozoe Creative’s journey began with Ball’s persistence and dedication to succeed in the competitive business world. 

In 2009, Jacqueline Ball arrived in New York and immediately connected with a catering company. She secured a job with them but insisted on meeting with the corporate side of the company as well. “I knew I had what it took to be successful on the other side of the business, I just needed to get my foot in the door,” Ball said. After purchasing a tux for the catering job, Ball received a call for an executive assistant interview, which she attended and secured the position. She never wore the tuxedo she bought for the catering job.

Ball would spend the next few years working her way from office assistant to head of the HR Department before taking the next step in her professional career.

Starting Sozoe Creative: “We Work Well Together.”

After a few years in her corporate role, Ball realized that it was time to start her own career. Taking her skills and experience, she started working as a marketing freelancer for several different clients. While working with other freelancers on a project, Ball and her colleagues realized they had great synergy and wanted to continue working together. “We started on a project with a client and loved working with each other, so we decided to start our own company,” Ball shared. Eight years later, the original team is still together, specializing in Pinterest marketing and social media marketing across multiple platforms.

Sozoe Creative has found success in the world of digital marketing by utilizing Pinterest for digital advertising. The platform combines search intent marketing and interruptive marketing, making it a unique and powerful tool for reaching consumers. Ball states, “Pinterest is both combined. It is unique and lots of retailers are there because it is a visual search engine, essentially a visual Google.”

Sozoe Creative connects with potential clients through a discovery call to determine if the company is a good fit. After establishing compatibility, they initiate an onboarding kickoff call, allowing clients to meet the entire team and ensuring everyone is on the same page for the campaign. Ball shares, “Our job is to optimize campaigns, continue to design creatives, prepare for holiday periods or key dates.” While this may seem like a step above what a marketing company is called to do, this is exactly how Ball sees her company serving their clients with empathy. “WHen we work with a company, it’s not just numbers and views, we really take time to put ourselves in their shoes and see the best way to push their company forward. In a sense, we are more of a consulting business.” This mentality has led the boutique firm to gain thousands of highly satisfied clients.

Balancing Work and Life: Gratitude, Genuine Interest, and Hard Work

Outside of work, Ball enjoys her time as a wife and mother, appreciating her ability to balance family life with running her business. When asked about her keys to success, Ball emphasizes three things: gratitude, a genuine interest in helping people, and willingness to do the work at the bottom when starting out. “Leading your day with gratitude will set you up to serve others,” Ball explains. She believes that being part of a supportive team and being willing to tackle difficult tasks lead to greater satisfaction both professionally and personally.

Getting in Touch with Sozoe Creative

If you’re interested in learning more about Sozoe Creative or working directly with their team of digital experts, you can visit website. To learn more about Jacqueline Ball, be sure to follow her on LinkedIn.