Marvin Steinberg: Transforming Lives Through His Reach Goals App

Marvin Steinberg, the founder and creator of, has been on a transformative journey that led him to create an innovative platform revolutionizing how people set and achieve their goals. Marvin emerged from his darkest days with

an unwavering commitment to personal transformation through goal-setting. Marvin’s background is a testament to the power of resilience and self-improvement. He emerged from his darkest days with a deep commitment to personal transformation through goal-setting. Struggling through a life crisis, he discovered that setting clear goals could serve as a lifeline out of despair and into a more fulfilling life. This epiphany paved the way for, a practical and fun app designed to help individuals realize their dreams.  Several venture capitalists have referred to the Reach Goals app as being the “Duo Lingo of goal setting” referencing the popular language app that took the world by storm with over 500 million downloads. 

Marvin’s profound connection to goal-setting emerged from the depths of a life-changing experience. He was a prominent table tennis player in Germany until he faced a devastating knee injury that stripped him of everything he worked for. The subsequent despair could have swallowed him whole, but Marvin held on to the belief that setting clear goals could be his lifeline to a more fulfilling life. He dared to dream of becoming a millionaire and helping others along the way, and this audacious goal ignited his journey toward creating Reach Goals.

Marvin’s daily routine reflects his commitment to maintaining a balanced and productive life. With two kids and a loving wife, he understands the importance of time management. Every day, he dedicates time to various aspects of his life, including sports, sauna sessions, and ice baths. This regimented approach ensures peak performance and well-being.

One of the trends that greatly excites Marvin is integrating artificial intelligence into the Reach Goals App. He sees AI as a powerful tool for personalizing the user experience, making goal-setting more effective and engaging. This innovation is a cornerstone of the app’s mission to help users reach their goals.

As a successful entrepreneur, Marvin knows the significance of staying productive. His daily routine, which consists of many physical activities, helps him maintain focus and a high-performance mindset. He recommends incorporating sports, sauna, and ice baths for anyone striving to become a high achiever or achieve lasting success.

Marvin’s advice to his younger self echoes his unshakable belief in the power of setting and achieving goals. He emphasizes that success begins with setting clear goals, believing that they can be accomplished, and taking decisive action.  He runs and has exited several companies, including BlueStrategy AG and which he sold in 2021. 

CPI Technologies GmbH was actively involved in developing the IT infrastructure for the Reach Goals App. The company specializes in AI and platform development, which made them the ideal partner for the Reach Goals project.  Marvin Steinberg has a strong business relationship with the CEO and Founder of CPI Maximilian Schmidt, sharing a friendship and business relationship that has lasted more than ten years.  “Trust and the right partner is everything” said Steinberg.

Marvin’s unique perspective on life is based on the notion that life is simpler than it seems. He believes setting clear goals, maintaining unwavering belief, following intuition, and pursuing your passions are important. He underscores that excitement is one of the highest frequencies in the universe, even surpassing love, and encourages individuals to embrace each day with enthusiasm.

Looking to the future, Marvin envisions Reach Goals becoming a transformative force in the lives of millions. He aims to have 50 million users reach their dreams through the app, cementing its status as a driving force in goal achievement.

Marvin Steinberg’s journey from adversity to innovation is an inspiring tale of personal transformation and unwavering belief. His story underscores the power of goal-setting, and the Reach Goals App is his vehicle for inspiring change and helping individuals unlock their full potential.