Meet ‘ist’: The Revolutionary App Redefining Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age

As industries navigate the digital age, traditional business practices are being reshaped by more modern, technology-driven approaches. According to a report, “70% of companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one, with 21% of companies thinking they’ve already completed digital transformation.”

This adaptation is now profoundly evident in business core practices and startup entrepreneurship, transitioning from conventional methods to embracing the dynamic digital landscape.

Spearheading this evolution is the new digital tool, the ‘ist’ app, conceptualized by Hachi Yin, an angel investor, self-made entrepreneur, and former top property developer in Thailand who successfully built ten projects in just seven years.

“The digital age demands agility and innovation, and with ‘ist,’ we’re answering that call,” says Hachi. For the 2021 Asia’s Most Admirable Young Leader, the ‘ist’ app is a response to the evolving needs of modern entrepreneurs and a testament to the transformative power of technology in bridging the gap between groundbreaking business ideas and essential financial backing.

What Hachi Aims For Through the ‘ist’ App

Launched during a surge in global venture capital funding, ‘ist’ aims to lower the startling 90% startup failure rate by offering a streamlined path to success.

From Hachi’s humble beginnings in a small candy shop to starting his business on eBay, exploring his path in Australian real estate, and becoming a renowned property developer, he aims to use his wealth of experience to ease the way for others. He has infused his resilience and self-made journey into the app’s DNA, designed to spare others the trials he once faced.

“My path taught me the value of timely support. ‘ist’ embodies that lesson, bringing investment opportunities directly to the innovators,” Hachi shares. Understanding and empathy make ‘ist’ more than just an app but a gateway to entrepreneurial triumph.

Entrepreneur-Investor Connection Made Easy

The ‘ist’ app’s core philosophy is simplicity and efficiency, introducing a radical shift in how entrepreneurs and investors interact against traditional investment avenues. One of the app’s standout features is the 60-second pitching rule, a guideline that underlines the need for clarity and brevity. According to Hachi, this rule challenges entrepreneurs to refine their ideas and caters to investors’ desire for focused impactful pitches.

He emphasizes, “In a world where time is precious, ‘ist’ makes every second count.” This technique fosters clarity and respects the valuable time of busy investors, ensuring that pitches are sharp and straight to the heart of the business proposition.

Moreover, ‘ist’ goes beyond mere pitching. It establishes a curated ecosystem where entrepreneurs and investors engage more collaboratively. Hachi describes ‘ist’ as a platform where the right investors come to the entrepreneurs, not vice versa. This matchmaking process redefines the entrepreneurial journey, making it more efficient and focused on innovation rather than the cumbersome logistics of finding investment.

An Entrepreneurship Platform For All

Beyond connecting ideas with capital, ‘ist’ champions a more inclusive entrepreneurial world by offering an equal starting point for all, irrespective of one’s background.

“It’s not about where you’re from; it’s about the potential of your idea,” Hachi asserts, highlighting the app’s commitment to inclusivity. The entrepreneur believes in democratizing entrepreneurial success, ensuring that every promising idea gets a fair chance to flourish.

The app also fosters a sense of community among its users, a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs and investors can engage in constructive dialogues, refine ideas, and form lasting partnerships. This communal aspect of ‘ist’ underlines its commitment to nurturing startups beyond their initial pitches, supporting them through the arduous business development journey.

“We’re building a space where ideas grow, not just get funded,” he adds. This aspect of ‘ist’ ensures that entrepreneurs are supported throughout their journey, making the path to success less daunting but worth trying.

Seizing the Moment in a Changing World

As more individuals transition from traditional employment to entrepreneurship, now is the opportune moment for those considering a foray into this vibrant industry. The current landscape, ripe with digital advancements and innovative thinking, offers an unprecedented chance for aspiring business owners to bring their ideas to fruition.

“The world is changing, and so are the ways to succeed in business,” says Hachi. “With ‘ist,’ we’re not just keeping pace with this change; we’re leading it.”

However, entrepreneurs must remember that while the ‘ist’ app is a valuable tool, it is not a shortcut to success. Navigating entrepreneurship’s intricate and multifaceted landscape involves more than just focusing on connecting to investors or the assurance of funding. The next challenge demands a commitment to diligent work, an ongoing pursuit of knowledge, and strategic foresight.

The ‘ist’ app catalyzes the entrepreneurial journey, streamlining the transition from idea to implementation. However, the ultimate success hinges on aspiring entrepreneurs’ persistence and adaptability.

For aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to explore their journey to becoming business owners, learn more about the ‘ist’ app on the website