Mike Larcher: An Australian Success Story in Global Staffing with Outsourced

The Humble Beginnings: A Web Developer’s Vision

Mike Larcher‘s entrepreneurial journey began modestly, running a web development agency. Grounded in a commitment to delivering the best, Larcher’s ethos for his agency laid the foundation for what would become a remarkable Australian success story. His agency, while successful in its right, was only the starting point of an innovative adventure in global business.

Pivoting to a Global Vision: The Shift to Offshore Staffing

The pivotal moment for Larcher came when he noticed his clients’ growing interest in offshore labor. Realizing the potential within his agency to meet this need, in 2012, Larcher founded Outsourced. This wasn’t merely a shift in services; it was the birth of a visionary approach to harnessing global talent. This strategic pivot from web development to offshore staffing marked the beginning of an extraordinary expansion. Larcher’s Web Development agency built off of BPO staff went on to be sold in 2019 — A true testament to the usefulness of Offshore labors value to businesses.

Larcher went on to say: “Outsourced was originally created to support my digital agency in Australia due to the lack of offshoring providers able to meet my high standards. My clients and I demanded the highest quality so I created Outsourced to deliver exceptional offshore staffing solutions”

Rapid Growth: Building a Global Team

Since its inception as a staffing company, Larcher’s business has experienced phenomenal growth, expanding by over 40% annually in headcount. His unique staffing model, where each employee is dedicated full-time to a single client, is tailored for companies intent on building robust teams in the Philippines. This approach sets Larcher’s business apart from the industry norm by providing a unique workforce solution where each staff member is hand-picked and dedicated full-time to a single client, unlike the common practice of employing freelancers for project-based work. Larcher’s model is centered on building robust, committed teams in the Philippines, ensuring a more integrated and dedicated staffing experience for our clients.

The Strategic Synergy

Mike Larcher’s strategic placement in a key Asia-Pacific hub has been a significant asset for his operations. The minimal time difference with nearby regions fosters effective communication and streamlined operations. This advantage is further enhanced by shared cultural elements and a common language prevalent in neighboring areas, facilitating smoother collaboration. This approach not only makes Larcher’s business model innovative but also highly practical.

Larcher highlights, “Our strategic positioning is not just about geography; it’s about forging a seamless cultural and operational synergy. This regional connection is crucial in delivering efficient, effective solutions that overcome the challenges of distance and differing time zones.”

Today & Beyond

A dozen years later, Larcher — CEO of Outsourced, has positioned himself as a leader within outsourced labor, specifically Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). The firm employs over 1,000 highly skilled professionals, catering to a diverse range of industries from IT and accounting to creative design and customer service. Outsourced has established itself not just as a staffing company, but as a comprehensive solutions provider, helping businesses globally to optimize their operations. Under Larcher’s stewardship, the company has not only expanded its workforce but has also refined its processes and service offerings to meet the evolving needs of a dynamic global market.

Larcher’s story is a testament to Australian entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. His ability to identify and capitalize on a niche in global staffing has not only led to the success of his company but has also paved the way for Australian businesses to expand their horizons. Larcher’s journey from a web developer to a leader in global staffing is an inspiring example of how vision, adaptability, and a commitment to quality can create a successful international enterprise.