Preserving the Human Touch in All Industries: Idan Schmorak on the Inevitable AI Revolution and UNITH’s Digital Humans

For many years technology has been revolutionizing the world, and now, in an era where digitalization can’t be stopped, the impact of tech-savvy solutions is more visible than ever. Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a significant role in this groundbreaking transformation towards a more connected and scalable future. Its impact can be observed across various industries, from customer service to banking.

With the recent demographic shift and the population age increasing, the lack of workers is constantly growing. That created a one-of-a-kind opportunity for the AI industry to skyrocket, overtaking most industries worldwide. While implementing a chatbot into a website is convenient and cost-effective, it often lacks broad knowledge, proper language understanding, and, most importantly, the human touch. That causes an excess of non-human connections and makes companies seem ingenuine, false, and unreliable.

New developments attract new investors, creating a space where both parties mutually benefit and grow. Many financiers constantly seek fresh and unique companies to put their money in, but the stock market, specifically the Australian Stock Exchange, lacks businesses offering highly developed technologies. A trailblazer in the conversational AI industry, UNITH is among the only startup companies in the world creating digital humans and the only company that provides this exposure on the ASX, allowing investors to support a modern and fresh firm that continuously wants to improve. So, what’s the deal with UNITH, and why is it worth investing in?

With businesses seeking cost reduction, yet still wanting to bring in a human-like experience, conversational AI technology seems like a promising solution, and UNITH is the pioneer in the industry. UNITH’s digital humans are created with the use of machine learning (ML) and AI technologies, enabling businesses to humanize interactions. UNITH’s innovative technology offers instant interaction with millions of users online, all while remaining impactful and emotionally satisfactory.

UNITH’s digital humans can be created within minutes, and they can be fully customized. The appearance, style, personality, age, voice, accent, and even dialect can all be personalized, ensuring a unique and distinctive experience for all customers. With all these options available, each company can create its own digital human with a unique face, voice, and persona, helping set a desired brand voice.

Conversational AI solutions are virtual characters able to interact with real humans in real-time, providing a scalable, simple, and engaging platform. UNITH’s digital humans can assist in onboarding employees, educating customers, recommending and upselling products, capturing user insights through targeted conversations, and many other tasks. Those qualities make conversational AI solutions an adequate tool that can be used in fields such as healthcare, onboarding, knowledge sharing, customer service, and sales and marketing.

With a growing need for digitized solutions, the AI industry is only bound to grow even further. However, the desire for more human interactions is likely to shift the focus to conversational AI solutions, such as UNITH’s digital human-creating platform. In a recent report released by Bloomberg, the global spending market on the conversational AI industry is expected to reach $108 billion by 2032, predicting a fruitful future for developers and tech enthusiasts.

The upcoming years for the AI industry are looking promising, but how do UNITH’s plans tie into this picture? With tiered pricing for different levels of customization, subscription-based models, and partnerships with key players in the field, UNITH plans to generate a continuous revenue stream and set new, higher standards for other developers.

“In three years we want to become the market leader for conversational AI. And we want to be a part of any or almost any consumer interactions with businesses. Conversational AI is going to be in a lot of places, and we focus our efforts on healthcare, onboarding of employees, and customer support because we see these are the industries that are growing exponentially. But also we want millions of people, millions of small businesses creating their digital colleagues through our platform”, Idan Schmorak shares his hopes for the future of UNITH.

The AI industry, although continuously positively changing the world, can easily get out of control. This is why UNITH is very clear about where it stands morally. As explained by Idan Schmorak, “We put a lot of weight on ethics. We care about it. Conversational AI, in a way, is a form of deep fakes, and we want to make sure that it’s being used in the most ethical, correct way possible, which is why we invest heavily to ensure our products and services are contributing to a better world.”

The tech-savviness of the modern world will never cease to amaze people, but even in this deeply developed industry, there’s space for improvement. With more and more people seeking natural feelings and genuine connections, generic chatbots are not enough. UNITH’s unique Conversational AI technology allows businesses to keep their costs low while upholding human-like interactions. UNITH is a unique and vibrant company leading the latest AI revolution, offering not only cutting-edge technology but also genuine connections and an ethical environment.