Pure Maintenance announces the opening of its second location in Australia

Pure Maintenance, a Utah-based mould removal company specializing in non-destructive mould and pathogen removal, announces the opening of its second location in Australia and is seeking potential partners in the country. Established in 2007 by Mike Adams, Pure Maintenance has developed a unique methodology known as VaPure, based on patented fog technology. This innovative method enables the effective treatment of mould spores in residential and commercial buildings without the need for costly and invasive demolition.

Pure Maintenance’s fog technology releases tiny particles that permeate the entire volume of a building, effectively eliminating mould spores upon contact with appropriate surfaces. This cutting-edge approach eliminates the laborious and disruptive tear-out methods previously required for mould and pathogen removal. By expanding its operations into Australia, Pure Maintenance aims to bring this innovative technology to a wider audience in need.

The second location in Australia marks a significant milestone for Pure Maintenance, reflecting the company’s commitment to international growth and establishing a strong presence in new markets. Australia’s unique housing structures, particularly in coastal areas with high humidity levels, have presented specific challenges in terms of mould infestation. Pure Maintenance’s arrival offers Australians access to a novel solution that effectively addresses these issues. The company’s technology represents a first-of-its-kind offering on the continent, showcasing Pure Maintenance’s dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for mould remediation.

By branching into Australia, Pure Maintenance further solidifies its position as a trusted industry leader. As more people recognize the advantages of the company’s technology over traditional remediation methods, the expansion into Australia adds to the company’s global credibility and solidifies its position as a frontrunner in the mould removal industry. Pure Maintenance envisions continued growth and expansion in the Australian market, which is renowned for its business-friendly environment and minimal language barriers compared to other countries.

Pure Maintenance is proud to partner with Tom Landon-Smith in Australia, who has played a pivotal role in establishing the company’s presence in the country. Tom, along with his wife Alina, have an impressive background in adventure racing and has participated in numerous international events. Tom’s personal experience with severe mould toxicity led him on a quest for answers and effective solutions. After spending a significant amount on traditional remediation methods without relief, he discovered Pure Maintenance and witnessed firsthand the efficacy of their technology. Tom’s success with treating his own home and subsequent positive outcomes in other properties prompted him to purchase a license. Today, as a valued partner, he extends Pure Maintenance’s reach to cover New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, and Queensland.

The partnership program offered by Pure Maintenance presents a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs in the mould removal industry. Partners who sign a contract gain exclusive rights to a specific territory, ensuring that any jobs originating from headquarters are allocated to them. This partnership is distinct from a franchise, eliminating the burden of royalty payments, franchise fees, and national marketing funds. Pure Maintenance provides comprehensive support and training, enabling partners to confidently start and grow their businesses while leveraging the company’s latest technology and support systems.

Pure Maintenance‘s expansion into Australia represents an exciting development for both the company and individuals seeking effective mould removal solutions. With their proven fog technology and commitment to excellence, Pure Maintenance is poised to transform the mould remediation industry in Australia, offering homes and businesses a safer and healthier environment.