The ReWild Group Introduces an Exceptional Program to Help Businesses Nurture Strong Management Teams

One of the primary drivers of a business’s success is a strong management team. Regardless of whether it is a small enterprise or a large corporation, team management is essential to boost productivity, enhance efficiency, develop quality products, and provide satisfactory services. The ReWild Group LLC, a Colorado-based business consulting firm, recognizes the gaps in delivering effective team management, especially among small to mid-sized businesses.

According to the research conducted by the ReWild Group over five years, nearly 60% of all small and mid-sized businesses lack a management team robust enough to meet the organization’s needs. Businesses with 35 to 350 employees reveal a more shocking finding, as 95% of them lack a fully developed management team. In Australia, 60% of businesses fail within the first three years of their operations, and one of the reasons contributing to this is poor management.

Adult learners require a significant amount of time to grasp, adopt, and apply new skills and ideas. With this in mind, the program is designed to span 12 months. It utilizes both insightful online content and hands-on classroom activities to help management teams adopt the mindset needed to increase their organizations’ productivity and efficiency.

The Exceptional Manager Program participation is structured in a unique way that contributes to its transformational impact, as explained by Matthew Pohl, CEO and Founder of the ReWild Group: “Our program includes all members of the management team from the owners, CEOs, and directors down to the managerial level. The reason why we include everybody is because when they go as a team, everybody learns together. They gain a common set of language that serves as a connecting point. Secondly, our program uses the ReWild Learning System, wherein users access video content that teaches key principles, allowing participants to use in-person time for hands-on activities that will help them immediately apply the new knowledge. Lastly, we not only instill management skills; we help participants think like business owners. People from the management level must think like owners to grasp the needs of the organization as a whole. This is a mindset that we call Ownership Thinking.”

The topics within Ownership Thinking include the thinking-doing sequence, revenue groups/circles, offerings, customer segments, ways to grow revenue, profit mentality, and more. At the core of the program is the Management Wheel, which identifies the four areas managers are responsible for: the self, the staff, the work, and the workplace. Seven management tools (i.e., functional org chart, position role sheet, KPI flash sheet, etc.) are also learned during the program.

It is worth highlighting that the Exceptional Manager Program is especially beneficial for owners and CEOs who are committed to making the business less dependent on themselves. A satisfied client remarked, “Our entire leadership team is now communicating more deeply about business topics we have never even discussed before. It’s helped my leadership team really step up by increasing everyone’s level of ownership thinking.” At the end of the program, management teams will be able to drive productivity, engagement, and retention to boost the success of the organization.