The Unstoppable Rise of Emily Korir and BET Group in Australia’s Disability Sector

In a world where adversity often spells the end of dreams, Emily Korir and her BET Group have defied the odds. They’ve revolutionized Australia’s disability sector and earned global accolades. Founded in 2016 after Korir’s life-altering stroke, the BET Group now employs over 300 qualified staff across 4 states. They provide top-notch housing and support services to people with disabilities across Australia.

A Personal Tragedy Turned Catalyst for Change

It was a dark time for our family,” recalls Emily Korir. “They told me I would never walk, talk, read, or write again. But here I am, and here we are, changing the narrative every day.” The BET Group emerged from the Korir family’s struggle to find accessible housing for Emily after her stroke. “We couldn’t find a home that was both accessible and felt like a home. That’s when we knew we had to do something.”

According to 2023 statistics, about 4.4 million Australians live with some form of disability. Yet, the availability of accessible, high-quality housing remains inadequate. “The market was ripe for disruption,” says Korir. “We wanted to build homes that were not just accessible but also stylish and welcoming. A place where people are cared for and also cared about.

Pioneering a New Standard in Disability Care and Winning Global Recognition

The BET Group’s unique approach has set a new standard in disability care. “Our staff love what they do, and it shows,” says Korir. “We don’t just provide housing; we provide communities. We don’t just offer care; we offer a lifestyle.” The company’s commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. In 2023 alone, the BET Group received several industry awards, including the prestigious National Disability Services Provider of the Year and a 2023 Global Recognition Award.

Emily Korir’s leadership has been particularly lauded, culminating in her winning the 2023 Global Recognition Award for her achievements. “This award isn’t just about me; it’s about our mission to enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities,” Korir states. “It’s a testament to what can be achieved when compassion meets innovation.”

Looking Ahead: A Vision for 2030 and Beyond

Forecasts for the disability sector in Australia suggest a growing demand for specialized housing and care services. By 2030, the number of Australians requiring such services is expected to increase by at least 20%. “We are just getting started,” says Korir, her eyes fixed firmly on the future. “Our vision for 2030 is to not only meet the growing demand but to continually raise the bar in terms of quality and innovation.”

In a sector often marred by bureaucratic inefficiencies and a one-size-fits-all approach, the BET Group’s personalized, high-quality service offers a glimmer of what the future could hold. “We believe that everyone should have access to the very best support and housing, enabling them to live well and thrive,” Korir concludes, encapsulating the ethos that has propelled her and her company to the forefront of Australia’s disability sector and onto the global stage.

In a world often indifferent to the challenges faced by those with disabilities, the story of Emily Korir and the BET Group serves as a poignant reminder of what can be achieved when adversity fuels, rather than extinguishes, the human spirit. Their journey, now globally recognized, echoes a symphony of strategic navigation and unwavering commitment to a noble cause, setting a new paradigm in both business and societal impact.