Inside Qantas’ ultra-luxury new business and first-class cabins


Want to fly like the Kardashians but can’t quite justify the multi-million-dollar private jet price tag? Qantas’ latest first and business class cabins on its A350s might bring that level of super luxe travel a step closer to many travellers.
Qantas’ new A350 first class experience | Image source: supplied

Available to passengers travelling non-stop from Australia to New York and London from late 2023, the state of the art “Luxe First” suites will include fixed flat beds, fast unlimited Wifi, separate lounge recliners and even a wardrobe.  Of course,  a bar comes standard with most luxe flight experiences today!

Dubbed “mini boutique hotel rooms”, sleep research and design and comfort principles have come together to create the new suites, Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce says.

“Qantas has been the leader in opening up new long-haul flights for most of our history, and we’re bringing everything we’ve learned, both technically and in terms of passenger comfort, to Project Sunrise flying.

“We think our A350 cabins have the most sophisticated and thoughtful design of any airline, combining cutting edge technology with sleep research to shape the look and feel for what is effectively a new era of travel,” Joyce says.

Industrial design studio Caon Design as well as aviation specialists and a multidisciplinary team of scientists from the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre (including sleep specialists), worked together to design the luxe suites.

Passengers have been given more space thanks to Qantas’ decision to configure its 12 Airbus A350s to seat 238 passengers – around 62 fewer passengers than other airlines.

Other features of Qantas’ new Project Sunrise suites
  • Extra-wide fixed beds (first class)
  • Separate recliners (first class)
  • Personal wardrobe (first class)
  • Dining table for two (first class)
  • 32” ultra-high definition TV (first class)
  • Sliding doors for privacy (business class)
  • Two metre flat bed (business class)
  • Cushioned ottoman
  • Large dining table
  • 18” ultra-high definition TV
An extra-wide bed and freestanding recliner will be featured in the new first-class suites | Image source: supplied (Qantas)

Australian designer David Caon said every possible opportunity has been seized upon to promote wellbeing and comfort.

“We began designing this aircraft cabin five years ago, working with Airbus and Qantas to maximise space, as well as creating a tailored lighting program that will influence mood and sleep patterns,” Caon says.

“All the design and service elements will work together to significantly improve inflight comfort, convenience and health and wellbeing and help minimise the old nemesis of jetlag.”

You can experience a digital walkthrough of the new improved designs here.

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