Silversea announces the Three Oceans World Cruise 2027


Start packing. That never-ending world cruise you’ve been dreaming of is here…well, coming pretty soon, anyway. Setting sail in January, 2027, the intimate Silver Dawn ship will be your home for the five months that make up The Three Oceans World Cruise 2027 offered by the luxury and expedition Silversea cruise line.
Silversea Cruises.
Sea trials of the Silver Dawn.CREDIT: FIIPPO VINARDI

Yes, that’s three full oceans—count ‘em, Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic. For the record, you’ll be calling in 35 countries and 80 destinations, with 20 of the latter being first time visits for a Silversea world cruise. The voyage includes 11 overnights in ports from Honolulu to Bordeaux. Throw in 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Silversea’s usual accompaniment of top-notch naturalists and cultural experts and your seafaring calendar ought to be packed enough. So, set your calendar for a January 8, 2027 departure out of Los Angeles and expect to dock in Copenhagen 149 days later on June 7.

Per Silversea usual, you’ll also have a personal butler at your disposal as part of one of the industry’s best crew-to-guest ratios. Or, if you’re a cruise data geek, you’ll appreciate the figure of 68 GRT-per-guest (and if that’s not your language, it means a really bountiful amount of personal space onboard). As one of Silversea’s new Muse Class vessels, the Silver Dawn is also outfitted with the company’s huge new Otium wellness space and its super huge menu of pampering experiences.

Silversea Cruises
Silver Dawn’s Otium wellness centre.CREDIT: SILVERSEA CRUISES

In recent years, the hit S.A.L.T. program on Muse Class ships has, well, spiced up the cruise world culinary scene. On S.A.L.T.-themed shore excursions, you’ll select visits to, say, top vineyards, or wander organic and sheep farms, and enjoy everything from Michelin-starred châteaux dining to mama’s home cooking in a remote village. Maybe you’ll even go truffle hunting or fishing for your own catch.

At sea too, S.A.L.T. promises to swell (sorry) your gustatory exposure: World chefs will hop onboard to give you personalised tutorials in the S.A.L.T. Lab, as finely outfitted a test kitchen as anything on your favourite chef competition show. With changing menus designed to reflect the ports in which you dock, the S.A.L.T. Kitchen restaurant will broaden your flavor palate with herbs, spices and dishes you’d never heard of.

To wrap up your evening—or start it; no one’s asking—the S.A.L.T. Bar crew will craft cocktails that are also inspired by the world cruise destinations. The Muse Class S.A.L.T. Bars are design masterworks in and of themselves and at once both a posh and homey kind of place you wish you had back home.

When you’re not S.A.L.T.-ing away onboard or on an excursion, just lie on a peaceful beach, or for some action go wildlife hunting—with your eyes, senses and camera, of course.

From LA to Brisbane, the first 46-day leg of the world cruise includes visits to Hawaii and its Volcanoes National Park and to French Polynesia and its islands of Rangiroa, Moorea, Bora Bora, and more.

After Brisbane and the Great Barrier Reef, get ready for classics like Bali, Singapore, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Lesser known, but equally stunning stops, include the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve on the Insta-friendly Seychelles island of Praslin, and the rugged volcanic French overseas department of Réunion. Then, it’s on to South Africa to spot the Big Five and visit Cape Town. While you’re in the neighbourhood, fly up to Victoria Falls, and stay in luxury along the Zambezi River.

Silversea Cruises
Spa Exterior, Otium, Silver Dawn.CREDIT: SILVERSEA CRUISES

Wait, folks, you still have one more ocean to go. Departing Cape Town, you cruise West Africa, to Namibia, Angola, Ghana, the Gambia, Senegal, Morocco, and on to Lisbon.

Oh, and there’s a sea involved too…the North Sea. After the British Isles, you cross it on up to Norwegian fjords. And then it’s finally back down to Copenhagen where for 149 days the Little Mermaid will have been sitting on her rock waiting for you.

Starting June 20, members of Silversea’s Venetian Society loyalty program will enjoy early sales before the full June 27 opening sales date.

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