First look at the Nike and Tiffany & Co. sneaker collaboration


Sportswear brand Nike and luxury jewellery brand Tiffany & Co. announced a collaboration on several products, including a pair of sneakers and silver shoe accessories which cost hundreds of dollars.
Nike and Tiffany&Co. have collaborated on a unique pair of Air Force 1s. Image: Supplied
Price and release date

The core of the Nike x Tiffany collaboration is an all-black pair of Nike Air Force 1 Low sneakers, called the “1837s,” which feature the Nike’s signature swoosh logo done in Tiffany blue, and a sterling silver adornment.

The sneakers will cost US$400, more than the roughly US$100 typical Air Force 1s go for, and will likely go for more on the lucrative resale market.

On social media, Tiffany & Co. also posted pictures of a Nike and Tiffany branded sterling silver shoe horn, a shoe brush—which many on social media have confused as a toothbrush—and shoelaces, as well as a silver referee whistle, which will range in cost from US$250 to US$475.

The line will be released on March 7

Tiffany & Co. and Nike previously worked together in 2014 when the jewellery company’s signature aqua colour was used in a Nike and Diamond Supply Co. pair of shoes.

This marks their first official collaboration. In the last few years, Tiffany has moved to attract a younger audience. In 2021, after being purchased by LVMH, it launched a campaign featuring the phrase “not your mother’s Tiffany,” and started featuring Beyoncé and Jay-Z as faces of the brand in the “About Love” campaigns.

In one of their first ads, Beyoncé wore the famed Tiffany diamond, an 128-carat stone which had previously been worn only three times. In August, the brand ventured into NFTs, making wearable tokens out of digital assets.

NBA fans were quick to note Lakers superstar LeBron James arriving at Madison Square Garden with the new Air Force 1s on foot.  He completed the outfit with a matching bomber jacket.

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US$214 billion. That’s how much Forbes estimates Bernard Arnault, the chairman and CEO of LVMH, and his family to be worth. At the time of publication he remains the richest person in the world.

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