Tickets for Barbie + Oppenheimer double-feature boom ahead of Aussie release

With less than two weeks until Barbie and Oppenheimer open in movie theatres across the world, demand for seeing both films in one seating is growing, with thousands of AMC customers already purchasing tickets to both the fantasy comedy about Barbie-land and the three-hour drama of the development and dropping of the first atom bomb. Key Facts Big […]

Secret detail in Margot Robbie’s stunning Barbie outfits

Margot Robbie has been hitting the red carpet in style for the Barbie movie—in theatres July 21—by replicating outfits donned by various Barbie dolls over the years, dressing in everything from an outfit inspired by the original Barbie to a more meta approach: dressing as a doll inspired by Robbie’s character in the new film. […]