Selling techniques for a successful career in sales


Ultrasellers are very clear on their ideal customer, but there is more to it than that.
Ultrasellers are very clear about who their ideal customer is. | Getty Images

The world of sales performance is saturated with material aimed at tactical & strategic selling. The former is focused on the nuances of interaction whilst in front of the customer, which may include what you say and how you say what you say. The latter is more focused on the engagement framework and how you negotiate the customer environment, which will include stakeholders in the customers’ business and your own. This process ultimately aligns both businesses and all parties included in a way that creates a deal.

For a salesperson, it’s critical to develop proficiency in both approaches if you want to rise to the top, but a third element is required.

Sales is a field like no other in the corporate realm; it is straightforward to measure and requires you to generate your work. And ultimately, success is entirely incumbent on your ability to maintain consistent energy day in and day out. Consistency in the process is king in the sales world, and there are always strong habits behind solid levels of consistency.

The habits dealing with optimising your inner game can be found here. However, we will be knuckling down on the Ultrahabits that are particular to the sales craft.

You know your customer

Ultrasellers are very clear about who their ideal customer is. They create a habit of deeply assessing each opportunity to ensure alignment; they know time is precious and don’t waste it.

You’re prepared

Ultrasellers are a mix of inspiration and perspiration. They know that their ability to inspire and be off-the-cuff depends on how well they prepare; coming across as comfortable and casual is the sum of great preparation, so they make a habit of it.

You have scalable lead generation

Ultrasellers have a proven mix of consistent processes that generates leads. This may be through relationships, outreach, outsourcing, or digital platforms. The fact is that they have top-of-funnel activity being developed, which leverages varying forms of energy and time. It must be habituated to the point of scalability.

You know your stuff

Ultrasellers are trusted advisors; they are the “go-to” in their field and are known for being connected and having the best solutions to complex challenges. This means they have developed an exceptional understanding of their product and market. They will know how to exploit the opportunities that evolve through competitor performance and market conditions. Customers like this want to deal with switched-on suppliers. So, make it a habit to know your stuff.

You listen when it matters

Ultrasellers understand that deep listening is a skill, and while this may come naturally for a small percentage of people, for most, this isn’t the case. These sellers can switch this on in front of customers. They drive this attribute through developing empathy and can listen and probe deeper as required; they can make the connections and have developed the tools to synthesise what is implied and then summarise back to the customer, which enables them to know that they have really been heard and that the seller “gets it”. This process is the tactical element of sales, starting with the habit of deep listening.

You have excellent follow-up strategies

Ultrasellers have a keen sense of timing when it comes to follow-up. They are not too aggressive and certainly not too relaxed. They keep the customer sales process on a good cadence and control the process, timing, and touchpoints, with clear and actionable timelines. In many ways, this is an art and comes with experience in the sales game. Much consideration must be given to the engagement style of the customer, but the bottom line is without the habit of follow-up, a seller will never be successful.

You can people manage

Ultrasellers are experts at stakeholder management. They are acutely aware the sales environment is a symphony and that they are conductors. They meticulously map the selling environment, including internal and external players, and then align each individual towards the successful consummation of the deal. This means meeting everyone in the process exactly where they are at and dealing with it, and this includes leveraging enthusiasts, converting people on the fence, and neutralising dissenters. They are continually assessing the strength of the sales engagement process to relegate threats and build on strengths. They are in control and have developed the habit of people alignment.

Ultrasellers are process people; their superpower is the ability to be consistent with their formula for success. While this may vary by company or industry, the habits discussed are a mainstay.

RJ Singh is a corporate and ultra-endurance athlete and the creator of Ultrahabits. Find out more at Peak Performance with RJ Singh: Ultra Habits for Ultra Performance