Advanced Navigation

The unicorn navigating from a Perth garage to the moon

Fresh from a billion-dollar valuation, Advanced Navigation is shooting for the stars with a new plant to increase its production tenfold. Advanced Navigation is guiding all the thousands of robotic Amazon trucks driving between warehouses in the US. They steer satellites and will be guiding a lander to the moon in 2025. They’re steering Swedish […]

$810 million in three months: The biggest VC deals revealed

Start-ups sealed a deal a day over the second quarter of this year, signalling that the “fog of fear” that had engulfed the start-up world was starting to lift. Key Takeaways Venture capitalists had a “significant mood shift” in the second quarter of this year, according to the latest survey of Australian VCs by Cut […]

Pet Circle keeps billion-dollar valuation after $75 million injection

Pooch supplying unicorn Pet Circle has kept its billion-dollar valuation with a $75-million capital injection from Prysm Capital. Mike Frizell, CEO and Founder of Pet Circle, is speaking live at the Forbes Australia Leadership Forum. Secure your seat here. The company that bills itself as Australia’s largest online pet retailer posted a loss of $31.8 million […]