Next frontier: The emerging tech you need on your radar

Gen AI and knowledge graphs are the most impactful emerging technologies right now. By 2030, it will quantum processors, scalable vector databases, and spatial computing, according to Gartner. Here’s what you need to know about the emerging tech on the horizon.

How Google’s billion-dollar ‘brain power’ is boosting Australia’s hearing expertise

Google Australia announced a $1 billion investment in Australian digital initiatives in 2021. Two years on, Forbes Australia is given exclusive access to the ‘Hearing Hub,’ a recipient of the funds allocated under the Digital Futures Initiative. The Hub – headquartered at Sydney’s Macquarie University – brings together non-profits, the research community, and powerhouses like ASX Cochlear Limited.

Prescription for growth: Inside Chemist Warehouse’s $9 billion merger

Mario Verrocchi, co-founder and CEO of the pharmacy unicorn is hoping for 400 more stores in Aus and 70+ duty-free outposts in China. Verrocchi will continue to run the Chemist Warehouse Group once the reverse merger with Sigma takes place. He may no longer have the CEO title in the new entity, but his vision for simultaneous global and local expansion stays the same.

Resurrecting the Tasmanian Tiger 

What does it take to bring a Tasmanian tiger back from the dead? A Texan tech entrepreneur, a Nobel prize-winning breakthrough in gene editing, and a partnership with the world’s greatest geneticist. Also, investors such as billionaire Thomas Tull, the Hemsworth brothers, an Australian-based family trust, and the CIA.