An MBA can be a fast track to career success 


A cost-of-living crisis following a long period of stagnant wage growth is prompting some Australians to rethink their career trajectory. An MBA can help you get ahead of the competition in the workforce, but not everyone has time to travel to attend lectures and tutorials. That’s where a digital degree can come into its own. 

Australians are in the midst of a tough economic climate, with cost-of-living pressures and subdued wages prompting many to consider how to bolster their income.  

When considering how to grow their salary, many mid-career workers have been contemplating the best education opportunities that will give them the competitive edge to climb the corporate ladder and fulfil their potential. 

For some, the answer has been an online university degree that they can complete in their free time. A digital Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with a reputable university could be the ticket to future-proofing your income and bolstering your career. 

According to Seek, business managers in Australia report high job satisfaction and a salary of around $115,000, or even higher. It’s a job in high demand that’s expected to grow by around 9.2 per cent over the next five years, suggesting a healthy demand for skilled leaders.  

The MBA is one of the most sought-after post graduate courses in Australia, with benefits include higher salaries for graduates, networking opportunities, and hands-on experience, according to the Australian Government’s Study Australia website. 

Considered to be an investment in yourself, an MBA gives graduates the skills to develop a framework for problem solving in the modern world. Aside from building a global perspective, the experience will expose students to diverse viewpoints and bolster future employment opportunities.  

Demand for MBA graduates is strong. An annual recruiter survey reports significant rebounds in hiring and salary projections for MBA graduates in recent years, while demand expected to increase or remain stable in years to come. Statistically, you will end up in a senior position with an MBA under your belt, too. 

However, many people who wish to study MBAs are mature age students who are busy with work and often families as well. In such circumstances, digital learning can fit into a busy life more easily. 

That’s where online options such as Monash’s Online MBA (Digital) come to the fore. The course is accelerated and 100 per cent online so it fits in with your work schedule – you can study on your own terms over two years, part-time. 

A number of students have told Monash that their MBA experience gave their career a new lease of life. Many graduates report growing, not just as a person, but as a leader, transforming their ability to fast-track their career. 

Built for professionals who seek to enhance their career prospects in the business world, Monash’s Online MBA is designed by academics to ensure graduates are equipped to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, from psychology to business and educational design. 

Students are offered extensive support from some of the best educators in the industry and a dedicated student assistance team. This ensures that you don’t just get a flexible experience, but one tailored to your individual needs, empowering you to fulfil your potential in increasingly dynamic environments. 

If you’re trying to figure out how to make ends meet and are looking for ways to bolster your career, growing your salary through higher education could be just the ticket, with a new survey revealing that Australian university graduates are securing higher salaries and full-time employment at record levels.  

The research shows that employment rates for university graduates in the first four to six months after graduation are at their highest level since 2016. The new data highlights the benefits of attaining a university qualification and further education throughout your career.  

The research coincides with greater support measures for further education from the Federal Government, which is wiping $3 billion in student debt for three million Australians. The push to ease financial barriers to education and training will ease pressure on workers and students across the country.  

“Going to university opens up opportunities and makes you money and in the years ahead, more and more jobs will require a university qualification,”  said Minister for Education Jason Clare when the survey was released.  

“These results show the value of higher education and the benefits that come from giving more Australians a crack at going to uni.” 

The good news is that obtaining an MBA promises the chance for career progression and the potential to earn a higher salary once completed, along with networking opportunities and the ability to rub shoulders with classmates who often become future professional contacts. You will also acquire soft skills, such as time management and project management, strategic thinking, and leadership skills.  

Wherever your ambitions take you, this MBA provides the strategic skills, triple accredited industry connections and digital edge you need to advance your career and be future-ready, no matter what sort of economic scenario is around the corner. So if you’re thinking of studying online, take a course designed by those who change it with Monash Online.   

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