Luxury for the quiet consumer


Luxury services for discerning clientele takes a sophisticated turn with Mars Marsanic and her partners’ latest endeavour in Double Bay.

ROYALTY, Hollywood luminaries, billionaires and high-net-worth individuals: Mars Marsanic’s Sydney-based luxury concierge, Three Over Six, has become synonymous with these kinds of clients. 

Since its inception in 2021, the company has evolved from a luxury handbag-sourcing business to providing services across the luxury market. From sourcing exclusive artworks and jewellery to crafting bespoke travel experiences, Three Over Six claims it is the destination for those seeking all things luxury. 

Throughout her two decades in the fashion industry, Marsanic has developed a keen eye for personalisation and style, as well as close relationships with luxury fashion houses. Both her experience and her connections make for a high-end styling service. 

“The styling service begins with myself and the client having an in-depth consultation, where I delve into the client’s personal style and fashion preferences as well as their lifestyle,” Marsanic says. 

“From there, I begin curating a personalised shopping plan by looking at the brands they wear, styles of their garments and how they work together in a wardrobe.” 

She delves deep into clients’ preferences and lifestyles to curate bespoke shopping plans tailored to their individual tastes. With an extensive network of connections in the luxury fashion realm, Marsanic can procure exclusive pieces. Three Over Six is committed to sustainability and responsible luxury, allowing clients to indulge in preloved fashion while championing eco-conscious practices. 

“We believe in the power of preloved fashion and conscious consumption,” she says. “That’s why we carefully curate a selection of  preloved items, promote sustainable fashion  
practices, and offer clothing resale and  consignment services. 

“This contributes to the circular fashion economy, recycling second-hand goods and steering away from fast fashion or overconsumption. By embracing sustainable fashion in a stylish and meaningful way, we reduce environmental impact and encourage our clients to make a positive difference through their fashion choices.” 

By sourcing items from international markets, arranging exclusive events like the Monaco Grand Prix, and even offering a white glove service – that is, hand-delivering certain pieces to global clients – Marsanic’s  Three Over Six provides a truly  global experience. 

“We seamlessly blend local charm with global luxury and offer a fusion of experiences to elevate the everyday, ensuring our clients feel like cosmopolitan jetsetters right in  
their backyard.” 

As the global luxury concierge service market grows – it’s projected to surpass US$731.4 million by 2030, according to Coherent Market Insights – Marsanic and her team are set to launch a curated space in Double Bay. 

“We’ve created a workable, private, safe space for clients who don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to. They can come in using an underground passage, so they’re not  
seen and can access a private suite for a  luxury experience.” 

The new space will also host exclusive VIP events, something Marsanic says her clients increasingly want more of. 

“We’re noticing rising demand for experiential luxury, where clients are seeking memorable experiences over material possessions,” she says. Marsanic points to a recent exclusive event she hosted in collaboration with Chopard in a private residence in  Darling Point. 

“It was incredible- clients experienced an intimate dinner in a private home on the harbour. They were chauffeured to and from the evening, dining while being entertained  – a memorable evening that doesn’t happen  every day.” 

Marsanic envisions expanding Three Over Six’s footprint across Australia and beyond, aiming to cater to a broader clientele. 

“We want to work with more people and facilitate their requests. It’s about making time-poor clients’ lives easier.” 

Mars Marsanic’s concept store 
Three Over Six is located at:  
No.3 | 22-24 Cross St Double Bay, NSW