From AI to cyber: How to invest in companies at the cutting edge of tech and innovation

Artificial intelligence is revolutionising opportunities for investors as much as it’s revolutionising everything we know about how we live and work.  So how can investors bring the best AI and cutting edge tech companies into their portfolios?  Enter a number of innovation and tech ETFs now available that specifically invest in companies well positioned to […]

How this CEO is keeping manufacturing local and growing more leaders:

Palash Nandy wants more Australians to know the value of making things locally, and that the manufacturing business he leads from Sydney has been in ANZ for the last three decades – with the facility being modern, sustainable and here for the long term.   He also firmly believes that attaining and retaining great team […]

Founder Ruth Limkin’s world-leading rehab is transforming the lives of burnt-out business executives 

An organisation can only ever be as healthy and productive as its leaders.  It’s one of the reasons Ruth Limkin, Founding CEO of The Banyans Healthcare, is so passionate about leading one of the world’s most renowned luxury residential rehabilitation retreats. The Banyans Residence, located in Brisbane, attracts clients from across the globe, offering gold […]

Place Studio: the young guns of architecture giving the industry a fresh new look

When James and Marie-Claire Alexander-Hatziplis met at university, they noticed something about the architecture industry in Australia.  It was an industry that was predominantly made up of older people, men and architects working specifically on grand, expensive projects. Their response, as millennials, was to start their own business, and more importantly, change that status quo. […]

The trillion-dollar opportunity in ESG surge

The trillion-dollar opportunity in ESG surge  Investors have been increasingly seeking out Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as a framework for investing in recent years, leading to a surge in ESG activity but one that is also coming up against backlash.  A 2022 PwC report found ESG-focused institutional investment is “soaring” and will reach US$33.9 […]