An artist’s transition from balance sheets to brushstrokes

Walking away from two decades in finance to unleash her creative side has been a leap of faith for Sydney’s Yvonne Gallagher.  Starting each day musing over a colour palette is a stark change to the usual morning routine for Yvonne Gallagher.  The Sydney artist spent two decades forging an enviable career in finance, working […]

RIP ESG? How impact investing can help save an industry in crisis 

Amidst growing ESG skepticism, impact investing is gaining recognition as a credible way for investors to back companies that deliver positive impact and financial returns.  Burnt by greenwashing and stung by underperformance, many investors are abandoning ESG. April saw European ESG ETF inflows plummet 94% on the previous quarter, leading Morningstar to warn of an […]

Largest wealth transfer in the nation’s history has begun in earnest 

Women are set to be the major benefactors of a massive intergenerational wealth transfer now underway in Australia. However, accessing financial advice remains a significant barrier for wealthy Australian women. Financial advice firms like Sherlock Wealth are aiming to change that.  Women are poised to take charge of a staggering $3.2 trillion over the next […]

Luxury for the quiet consumer

BRANDVOICE Luxury services for discerning clientele takes a sophisticated turn with Mars Marsanic and her partners’ latest endeavour in Double Bay. ROYALTY, Hollywood luminaries, billionaires and high-net-worth individuals: Mars Marsanic’s Sydney-based luxury concierge, Three Over Six, has become synonymous with these kinds of clients.  Since its inception in 2021, the company has evolved from a […]

The business of living better 

Livia Wang, a vegan and plant-based entrepreneur, is passionate about the well-being of human beings. She founded Access Corporate in 2017 to propel wellness brands into international markets. More than 50 success stories later, she now invests in, owns, and leads 15 wellness businesses.   When serial entrepreneur and passionate vegan Livia Wang founded Access Corporate […]

Investing in women’s football pays big returns 

As AFLW pre-season kicks off, St Kilda skipper Hannah Priest says supporting women’s football isn’t charity; it’s an investment.  Hannah priest calls herself lucky. If the 32-year-old was any older, she would have missed the chance to play Australian Rules football professionally.  Instead, Priest has played 45 matches for St Kilda’s AFLW team – every […]