2024 Entrepreneur to Watch: Ana Stier’s Journey to Transforming Travel

Ana Stier is a distinguished entrepreneur seamlessly blending her love for travel with the art of wellness. A Brazilian word traveler, digital influencer, polyglot, and dedicated wellness teacher, she has turned her passion into a thriving 7-figure business and made Brazil an accessible and enchanting destination for foreigners. Offering standout courses and invaluable resources, Stier is undeniably one of 2024’s entrepreneurs to watch.

Ana’s journey as an entrepreneur began with a deep love for her homeland and a vision to introduce the world to the hidden gems of Brazil. Her brainchild, Brazil for Gringos, is a pioneering online concierge service that offers unparalleled adventures meticulously curated to provide travelers with an authentic and transformative experience of Brazil.

What sets Ana apart is her ability to transcend traditional travel agencies. With over 17 years of world travel experience by herself, she has earned the title of “guru of flight tickets” by the biggest newspaper in Brazil. Her profound understanding of travel planning and booking intricacies has made her an invaluable resource for travelers seeking the best deals and experiences.

Ana’s entrepreneurial spirit and resourcefulness also led her to independently establish Que Viagem! (what a trip!)—the most extensive online course in Brazil about traveling, which has not only empowered over 13,000 Brazilians to travel better but has also contributed significantly to her building a 7-figure business in Brazil.

With “Brazil for Gringos,” Ana Stier is not only redefining travel but also setting new standards for concierge services. It is the first concierge in Brazil to offer a 24-hour WhatsApp number for any type of travel request, whether it’s a recommendation for the best caipirinha spot or an emergency request. Those who join the concierge also gain access to exclusive benefits and discounts at handpicked hotels and experiences across Brazil, personally selected by Ana herself.

Ana’s primary focus is helping individuals overcome their apprehensions about visiting Brazil while ensuring they enjoy premium experiences in the country. “I firmly believe in the transformative power of travel to heal,” says Ana. “With Brazil for Gringos, we provide travelers with a seamless, immersive, and unforgettable journey through Brazil, along with the support they need, no matter the circumstances.”

Ana Stier’s dedication to showcasing Brazil’s beauty and culture has garnered her recognition and admiration from travelers worldwide. Her entrepreneurial journey serves as an inspiration for those looking to turn their passions into successful businesses.

About Ana Stier:

Ana Stier is a Brazilian word traveler, polyglot, and seasoned wellness and meditation teacher from the Chopra Center. She is the founder of Brazil for Gringos, a concierge service dedicated to offering premium travel experiences in Brazil. With over 17 years of solo travel experience, Ana is known as the “guru of flight tickets” by the biggest newspaper in Brazil. She also independently established Que Viagem! (what a trip!), the largest online course in Brazil about traveling, benefiting over 13,000 Brazilians. Ana’s mission is to guide travelers on a transformative journey through Brazil’s beauty and culture, offering a 24-hour WhatsApp concierge and exclusive benefits and discounts at her handpicked hotels and experiences across the country. Her purpose is to assist individuals who want to visit Brazil but are still apprehensive, especially those seeking a premium experience in the country. Ana’s entrepreneurial success includes building a 7-figure business with Que Viagem! in Brazil.