A Slice of Success: Mario Aleppo’s Fireaway Pizza Revolutionizes Fast Food With Global Expansion

Mario Aleppo, the man behind Fireaway Pizza, is turning up the heat on the fast-food industry. With a mission to revolutionize the industry, this contemporary pizza chain is turning heads and tantalizing taste buds with its authenticity, speed, and global ambition.

Aleppo, a self-made entrepreneur, began his journey on the streets of South London. He left school at 16, dropped out of college, and his initial foray into business, a coffee shop, failed within six months. But Aleppo, undeterred by early setbacks, soldiered on. His passion for pizza, ignited by his Nonna’s recipe from the Amalfi Coast, formed the basis of his redemption: Fireaway Pizza.

Launched in 2016, Fireaway Pizza was a slice of success. The concept was straightforward yet bold: fresh, authentic Italian ingredients, unlimited toppings, and pizzas fired up in a stone oven at a whopping 400 degrees, all ready in a mind-blowing 180 seconds. The speed of service never compromised the quality, with Aleppo’s Italian heritage ensuring authenticity at its core.

From humble beginnings, Fireaway Pizza’s growth story is nothing short of remarkable. Over seven years, the brand expanded from a single London shop to 140 stores across the UK and Holland, gaining a reputation for quality, speed, and innovation. They have added Oreo milkshakes, Nutella pizzas, and vegan options to their menu, ensuring a slice for everyone. And their journey is far from over, with new stores under construction in Turkey, India, and Australia.

But this impressive expansion wasn’t without challenges. Brexit led to increased prices, while a shortage of skilled chefs and rising energy costs posed significant hurdles. But under Aleppo’s strategic leadership, Fireaway Pizza weathered the storm and emerged stronger. Such resilience didn’t go unnoticed. In 2019, the chain bagged the ‘Pizza Delivery Chain of the Year’ award, and in 2021, the ‘Rising Star of the Year’ accolade from PAPA.

Aleppo’s personal achievements shine just as brightly. His tenacity and innovation earned him the title of “Great British Entrepreneur of the Year 2022′ in the Food & Drinks category. His journey is a testament to the rewards of perseverance and the power of a good pizza.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Aleppo’s story provides valuable lessons. It is a narrative of resilience, passion, and the courage to pursue your dream even in the face of adversity. His success underscores the adage, “Don’t give up.”

Aleppo has grand visions for the future. He sees Fireaway Pizza soaring to new heights, with 500 stores worldwide and a company valuation of £100 million. With the current valuation sitting at £19 million and a rapidly expanding global presence, his dream seems within reach.

From South London to the international stage, Mario Aleppo’s journey is a captivating tale of entrepreneurial triumph. Fireaway Pizza is not just a brand; it is a revolution in fast food, promising authenticity, speed, and innovation. To keep up with their exciting journey, follow them on Instagram and visit their Facebook page. With Fireaway Pizza, every bite is a slice of success.