AGL driving the renewable revolution in partnership with Australian businesses

Nearly two decades after starting to invest in renewable energy generation AGL is supporting households and businesses on their own decarbonisation journey.  

AGL operates Australia’s largest private electricity generation portfolio within the National Electricity Market. As Australia’s largest electricity generator, AGL recognises it has a special role to play in supporting and enabling renewable energy. 

AGL is listening to it’s customers’ calls for more renewable energy solutions to decarbonise and work towards net zero emissions. It has the capacity to deliver more than 70MW of commercial solar each year and currently has more than 140MW of commercial solar assets under monitoring and management.

Building on it’s proud history as Australia’s leading private investor in renewable energy. AGL is also investing in the technologies, tools and data to help customers with their own decarbonisation goals. 

According to the UN, nearly 30 percent of the world’s electricity is sourced from renewable energy, including hydropower, solar, wind, bioenergy and geothermal power. Their research shows renewable energy is not only good for the environment and reducing the threat of climate change, but it can be good for business as well.

Supporting the Australian government’s Net Zero by 2050 target, AGL is partnering with businesses to help them transition to renewable energy solutions to meet decarbonisation goals and commitments.

As Australia’s largest commercial solar installer, according to SunWiz in January 2023, AGL knows that decarbonising is not a “one size fits all” approach. AGL offers solutions for Australian businesses tailored to the needs, goals and commitments of the business.

One way to make solar more accessible to businesses  is via AGL’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Under the agreement, it’s never been easier for businesses to move to solar power.

Instead of having to purchase a solar system upfront, AGL installs the solar power system for the business with no upfront cost and the customer pays for the energy produced by the low emission technology.

It’s just one way AGL is partnering with Australian businesses and helping them transition towards net zero.

Last year, AGL began installation of a microgrid and a solar farm “the size of two MCGs” to power irrigation at an almond farm at Cadell Orchards in Sunraysia, southwestern NSW. 

The system, which is set to be completed by early 2024, will help Cadell Orchards reduce their reliance on diesel fuel by 85 per cent, saving up to 40 per cent on energy costs each year. This 4,700 tonne reduction of carbon emissions each year is the equivalent of takingmore than 1,500* Australian cars off the road.

The microgrid at Cadell Orchards is one of three microgrid projects that AGL is working on in partnership with Australian Farming Services (AFS). Along with the other microgrid projects at Canally Almond Orchard and Murray Downs Processing Facility, AGL and AFS’ partnership seeks to decrease dependence on diesel, utilise renewable energy sources, and enhance energy resilience and reliability for their organisations,

It’s a far cry from where AGL began in 1837, but renewable energy will ensure the company, and other businesses that partner with them, can continue powering Australia for another 185 years and beyond.

*Based on total Australian cars and car emissions as published in BITRE data (Table 6.9 a-b & 11.5, Australian Infrastructure and Transport Statistics – Yearbook 2022)

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