Australian Podcast, LaunchDay interviews the Voices of Tomorrow

Podcasts have become a creative way to share insights, knowledge, and expertise in the rapidly growing media landscape. The LaunchDay podcast, hosted by Dean Cvetkoski, a serial, tech, and digital marketing entrepreneur known as @WhoDean, has grown increasingly popular as a source of inspiration and entrepreneurial insights from business owners across Australia. With over a decade of experience in launching, scaling, and transforming businesses, Dean’s detailed approach to business led to the creation of LaunchDay. The podcast sheds light on the journey of entrepreneurs across Australia while also providing a consultative approach to helping business owners start or grow their businesses.

Recent episodes have showcased five key guests from various backgrounds, each with trailblazing stories that have left listeners feeling inspired.

First up on the podcast was Solon Hu, a highly sought-after lawyer from Royer Mace Lawyers, who shared his transformative journey from secondary teaching to the legal profession. Solon’s story spoke of his dedication to seeing how law, education, and community service industries become pillars for societal improvement.

Tony Tarraf, a key figure at Link Property Developments, enlightened podcast listeners with his innovative approach to the construction industry. Tarraf is leading a change in etiquette among his staff, by emphasizing the importance of leading with integrity, manners and becoming more self-aware of their behaviour in a bid to promote a more professional code of conduct within the industry.

Next on the podcast was Selina Tran, whose journey into entrepreneurship began with owning fitness gyms, followed by property investment. In 2022, she sold her gyms and traveled to her homeland of Cambodia. Inspired by her family’s humble beginnings, Selina, now 27, founded BLNC, a fashion label dedicated to creating a positive impact in the lives of children across Southeast Asia.

Michael Hazilias of Breakout Solutions was also interviewed on the LaunchDay podcast. He shared his remarkable journey into tech entrepreneurship and becoming an investor. Michael’s background in software development began at 11, by 16 he started his first company and exited the same business at the age of 21. His current focus is now helping clients create automated passive income strategies within the digital asset industry. This initiative is geared towards financial empowerment in a bid to help families and businesses achieve financial independence.

Claire Higgins, known as The Mould Pixie, brought a distinctive perspective to the podcast, centered around inspiring individuals to pursue their dreams irrespective of age or conventional timelines. Following her recent divorce, Higgins joined the podcast to discuss her next move. During her live podcast session with Dean, who possesses over a decade’s worth of business acumen and marketing expertise, she realized that her focus will help customers eliminate mould using an all-natural product known as ‘Nature’s Defence’.  Higgins’ story promoted the message, “it’s never too late,” highlighting that perseverance is the key to achieving any goal set in mind.

The final guest on the podcast was Wioletta Hislop, who shared her remarkable story of resilience and ambition. Migrating from post-communist Poland to Germany and eventually to Australia, Hislop’s journey reflects how her perseverance enabled her to overcome the obstacles she encountered. She highlights that borders are no limits to ambition; resilience knows no boundaries.

The LaunchDay podcast provides a practical look at what can be achieved through tenacity and resourcefulness. Available on major streaming platforms, the insights shared by both Dean and his guests provide relatable valuable lessons and practical tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. Tune in to join Dean, on the LaunchDay Podcast, where each episode promises to share a fresh perspective on business and entrepreneurship.