Black Robin Co-Founder Jasmine Yao, transforming the property development industry with a feminine approach

Black Robin, the Kiwi-owned and operated boutique property development company, with a unique approach to investment and development. Prioritizing investor satisfaction, innovation, and long-term growth.

Black Robin, led by Co-Founder Jasmine Yao, and her young and forward-thinking team are challenging the conventional norms of the property development industry. Breaking away from the traditional model, the company focuses on delivering architecturally designed homes at mid-market prices throughout New Zealand. Yao dedicates herself to providing homes that spark a sense of pride in the hearts of inventors and owners. This sense of pride stems from the uniqueness and quality reflected in the building’s design and structure. Black Robin aims to create self-made wealth and foster a sense of inclusivity within the industry.

Jasmine Yao, co-founder of Black Robin, is a graduate of The University of Auckland with a bachelors of Property/Bachelor of Laws with a focus on commercial sales and leasing. She is leveraging her legal background to elevate the property development industry, and bring new perspectives as a young woman in a male dominated field.

Jasmine Yao, Co-founder and Director of Black Robin

“The core philosophy of Black Robin is centered around our investors and their satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing safe investment opportunities in New Zealand, known for its stable political regime. Our innovative approach sets us apart, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background, has the chance to participate in and benefit from property development”, says Jasmine Yao, Co-founder and Director of Black Robin. 

Driven by the desire to make a positive impact on the industry, Jasmine Yao brings a fresh perspective to property development. Disillusioned by the industry’s prevailing misogyny, racism, and nepotism, she left the field briefly and explored other sectors, including tech startups in London. However, the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted her to return to New Zealand, where she and her business partner seized an opportunity and acquired their first piece of land.

To fund their venture during uncertain times, Black Robin embraced an innovative strategy. As a publicly listed company, they opened doors for everyday retail investors, including “Mum and Dad” investors, with a low entry level of $5,000 New Zealand dollars. This approach democratizes property development profits, ensuring that a broader range of investors can participate in the sector traditionally dominated by wealthier individuals.

“We firmly believe that property development profits should be shared with those who believe in our vision,” explains Jasmine Yao. “By paying dividends and offering profit-sharing opportunities, we prioritize our investors’ success and help them make money while contributing to the growth of New Zealand’s property stock.”

Black Robin’s commitment to inclusivity and investor satisfaction has proven successful. The company recently achieved an overwhelming vote of confidence from its investors, with an impressive 92% in favor of Black Robin acquiring its next project. This high threshold for approval signifies the trust and satisfaction of the majority of shareholders and underscores the strong bond between the company and its investors.

Looking ahead, Yao has ambitious goals for the future. She aims to build a portfolio valued at over a billion New Zealand dollars, allowing investors to continue sharing in the profits. While currently operating in two areas, retirement, and development, Black Robin has plans to expand its scope. Currently having completed its Queenstown development, the company has a long-term target of developing 600 to 800 properties annually. Yao is excited to announce that Black Robin has a retirement project scheduled for 2024, with an estimated worth of 150  million dollars. 

“As we grow, I will continue to lead Black Robin and retain my founding role. However, I also have other business interests, particularly in the startup sector. Black Robin, in many ways, falls into the startup category, with substantial growth potential and a proven concept. We have come a long way in three years, establishing stability while still operating in a startup environment”, states Jasmine Yao.As Black Robin approaches the completion of its latest project, the company is excited to showcase its achievements to date. Having proven its innovative approach and commitment to investor satisfaction, Black Robin solidifies its position as a disruptor in the property development industry. By challenging the status quo and embracing a self-made journey, Black Robin paves the way for a new era of inclusivity, innovation, and success.