Brains, Beauty, and Boldness: Kristina Kajic Tackles Cultural Limitations with Entrepreneurship

From fleeing a war-ravaged homeland to the heart of business boardrooms, Kristina Kajic has transformed adversities into victories. As the Co-founder and CEO of Bella Grace Global, Kristina stands as an emblem of resilience,  merging areas that once seemed worlds apart—culture and commerce, female identity and leadership, and personal passions and professional pursuits.

Growing up, Kristina’s life was far from smooth. She, her mother, and her brother were forced to flee the Yugoslav war, a painful decision that meant leaving her father behind. They sought refuge in Canada, transitioning from a familiar place into a completely new life. Her mother worked tirelessly, and Kristina grappled with cultural and language barriers at school. Their reunion with her father brought happiness, but financial stability remained a distant dream.

Later, returning to Croatia as a teenager, Kristina faced different hurdles. Success was about who you knew, not your skills or qualifications. Her parents spent every day proving their worth to their employers, a struggle that deeply impressed young Kristina.

Despite moving countries, one cultural issue remained constant—being a woman appeared synonymous with limited opportunity. As Kristina’s career developed, she noticed that decision-making roles were predominantly male. Although society had evolved, these tables had not.

This persistent gender inequity led Kristina to discover and appreciate the potential of direct selling. It was an arena untethered from the traditional prerequisites of success — your education, connections, and gender did not dictate your future. To a young woman whose life was shaped by these financial limitations, direct selling wasn’t just an opportunity but a revolutionary concept.

As Kristina ventured further into adulthood, an awakening unfolded within her. While her family’s hard work had propelled them forward, she couldn’t help but wonder how much more they could have achieved without their past traumas. This curiosity, paired with her own drive, led her into the world of personal development. This path proved rewarding as she built a successful high-end wine distribution business and became a restaurant owner.

However, 2020 marked a turning point. The pandemic’s devastation reminded Kristina of her family’s past struggles. She came to understand that success should have a broader impact. As a new mother, she dreamed of a brighter, more secure future for her children—one where they could flourish and positively impact the world.

Kristina saw the solution in entrepreneurship. With Bella Grace Global, she crafted more than just a business. She created a remedy to the financial and cultural restrictions she had witnessed and experienced. Collaborating with individuals who shared her vision and carefully choosing products that aligned with her mission became Bella Grace’s cornerstone.

From Elixir, an innovative wellness product infused with collagen, to a luxury skincare line promising instantaneous results, Bella Grace isn’t just a side gig for the modern woman. It’s an empowering force, a tangible pathway to a luxury lifestyle through results-driven products. Kristina’s mission, beyond sales and beyond revenue, is to light a path for others, particularly women, toward self-empowerment and financial security.

With operations soon expanding across Europe and the Middle East, and product launches in Canada and Australia this year, Bella Grace Global is not merely a business venture but Kristina’s lifework. Her book, War to Wealth, encapsulates this journey, serving as an inspirational guide for others, especially women, looking to turn the tides of their lives. In the book, Kristina shares her own story in detail, and uses it as a springboard to conversations about overcoming the personal wars which keep women from success.

In Kristina’s own words, opportunities that can transform our lives are rare, and when they come, you must grab them. And in her work, her passion, and her relentless commitment, Kristina Kajic is offering the world one such transformative opportunity.