Cassandra Gabra’s Relentless Climb as Founder of The Purple Panda Agency: Where Creative Brilliance Meets Business Success

In today’s fiercely competitive and cutthroat world of business, standing out from the crowd online is an essential task as it is vital for business success. However, due to a lack of visibility, many businesses struggle to reach their target audience and communicate their unique value proposition. 

Recognising this challenge, Cassandra Gabra and her team at The Purple Panda Agency have become a beacon of hope for businesses seeking to find their inner voice and unlock their true potential. Cassandra’s decade-long journey in marketing and entrepreneurship has transformed her into a creative powerhouse.

“I was dealing with about 9 different agencies and freelancers and wasn’t getting the results I was after. No one could bring my vision to life,” Cassandra recalls her initial struggles while setting up Aqua de Vida – her own Australia-made, all-natural skincare line in 2018. Unbeknownst to her, these experiences served as a catalyst, igniting a desire to streamline the marketing process for businesses.

Responding to this need, Cassandra launched The Purple Panda Agency, a one-stop marketing hub, from her bedroom during the 2021 Covid lockdown. Against all odds, the venture quickly skyrocketed. Within 7 months, she opened a large office space in Rockdale, Sydney, and employed an entire team. Cassandra’s expertise also extends to the property industry, birthing a sub-brand – The Purple Panda Property. Here, she specialises in visibility, brand recognition and sales specifically for the property, construction, real estate and trade industries. 

Additionally, she runs another e-commerce store, Candy Stacka, which launched in December 2020. Candy Stacka is a unique, stackable cylinder of the world’s best Candy and is one of a kind with registered design protection worldwide. 

Cassandra’s journey, however, wasn’t without personal trials. Her older brother, Ramez, a figure of inspiration and creativity in her life, passed away unexpectedly in September 2021. “Ramez was the most creative and intelligent person I had ever met. I looked up to him a lot” Cassandra states. “He created The Purple Panda Agency logo for me shortly before he passed away so it means so much more to me because of that. I made myself a promise to keep going and to make him proud.” Despite her grief, Cassandra found resilience and drew strength from her brother’s memory, letting his inspiration fuel her passion for the agency.

Many years ago, Ramez founded Brainspiration, designing motivational art to lift people’s spirits. His desire to make a positive impact on others was always evident in his conversations. Cassandra discovered a treasure trove of his artworks on his hard drive and took it upon herself to fulfil his plans and honour his legacy. She created a brand new website featuring 60 of his captivating artworks to keep his dream alive.

Through this new endeavour, 100% of the profits from all Brainspiration orders will go towards bringing joy and support to sick and special needs children in hospitals. This noble initiative became her way of preserving Ramez’s dream and making a meaningful difference in the world, just as he had always envisioned.

She states, “Running multiple businesses and wearing many hats is challenging and demanding. Some of the obstacles I have faced include time management and a work-life balance. To overcome this, I’ve had to implement efficient strategies such as creating daily schedules, prioritising tasks, delegating responsibilities to capable team members and taking some time out for myself.”

The Purple Panda Agency is an emblem of creativity, resilience, and dedication in the dynamic landscape of business. Cassandra’s commitment and excellence have not gone unnoticed. She was awarded as a finalist for the Business Person of the Year, and The Purple Panda Agency was also a finalist for the Local Business Awards. Having cracked the code of tailoring marketing solutions to the unique needs of businesses, The Purple Panda Agency proves that even in a crowded market, there’s always room at the top for those with a distinctive voice.Through her resilient spirit and ceaseless drive, Cassandra Gabra has not just built a successful business. She has created a legacy, imbued with her passion, her creativity, and the memory of her beloved brother. And with every success that The Purple Panda Agency celebrates, she keeps her promise to him – to strive, to flourish, and to make a positive impact, one business at a time.