CosmoAesthetics Introduces SkinGate Technology To Combat Early Ageing

CosmoAesthetics has introduced SkinGate, a skincare technology, which aims to protect the skin from early signs of ageing, helping to keep it nourished and rejuvenated without any risk of pain or side effects. CosmoAesthetics is a fast-growing company founded in 2015 in Melbourne, Australia, by Dr. Mathew Jafarzadeh, a senior laser practitioner and skincare therapist of international repute. 

Speaking from his Melbourne office, Dr. Jafarzadeh who is a former Vice President of the Australian Institute of Laser Therapy, described SkinGate as a multi-faceted, innovative approach that could change the way we apply skincare and treat skin firmness.

Dr. Jafarzadeh, explaining how the anti-ageing technology works, said “The technology uses a prefilled 15 ml skincare capsule that is inserted into the device. By turning on the device and placing it against your skin, its diagnostics properties are activated, enabling it to find the index of your moisture, skin texture, and vitality in real time. All this information shows up in numbers on the LCD screen. Then, you can insert your desired capsule and turn it on, after which the cream will get pushed out of the device into the skin. The device’s electroporation function could be regarded as a vital aspect in facilitating the delivery of the skin care active ingredients deep into the skin in conjunction with multi-wavelength light therapy, import pulse vibration and heat radio frequency.”

According to Dr. Jafarzadeh, SkinGate uses photo bio-stimulation technology, which is light therapy. He further explained how “light therapy” works by liking it to the photosynthesis process which plants undergo through exposure to the sun, aiding the plants to grow.

While emphasizing the potency of the skincare technology as well as its anti-ageing abilities, the skincare expert said the light formula works by stretching out wrinkled areas of the skin. “This technology straightens out the facial lines that are wrinkled as well as the puffiness around the eyes. The full aesthetic, on its part, creates a rejuvenation of the lower and upper eyelid which is the first sign of ageing that is noticed when we look in the mirror.

Dr. Jafarzadeh develops devices for consumers and health practitioners to get access to high-quality tech solutions at a reasonable cost. One such innovation is the headset goggles. The headset goggles are designed to target the dark circles around the eyes. The goggles, when placed over the face area, quickly remove dark circles and wrinkles in unbelievable fashion.According to him, the company has created a portfolio of 25 inventions focusing on the skin, eyes and mouth. Dr. Jafarzadeh described the goggle technology as top-quality innovation, emphasizing that the user only needs to place them over each side of their face for five minutes, equalling ten minutes in all on a daily basis. He explained that the results were so impressive, that one of his clients decided to become a partner. “You can see a drastic change in the plumpness and lifting of the skin.  She was only a client, but after using the goggles and seeing remarkable changes, she decided to partner with us.” He revealed that the CosmoAesthetics team are open to investment and hopes to welcome new partners as they continue to grow.