Cracking the Code to a Billionaire Mindset: Unveiling Andy Murphy’s Exclusive Strategies

In any arena, whether digital business, sports, or the daily intensity of the financial world there is an ocean of difference between being good, excellent and a microscopic fine line between being the best. 

Andy Murphy, a peak performance expert who helps financial institutional founders, managers and teams not only become the best in their field, but stay at the top year after year, says it all comes down to one thing.

It is this one thing that gives us the power to, as Peter Thiel says, “Achieve your ten-year plan in six months.”

David, for over 10 years was already a very successful 40-year-old founder of a private equity firm. Over that time, like in all businesses, the highs and lows can take their toll and while many of us would be overjoyed to achieve that level of success in such a short amount of time, David knew there was more. He had big dreams of disrupting the industry, and knew inside himself the current level of the game was just the tip of the iceberg.

The problem was that, behind this monumental growth, as the business expanded, David found he was still haunted by past experiences, and his brain had become wired to focus on mistakes, setbacks, and most of all, a betrayal by an old business partner and lost deals. 

With a turbulent past David had limited himself, and had decided (unknowingly) to play small and safe to prevent even more chaos, but deep down, he knew he was caging both his potential and the firm’s.

Enter Andy Murphy. Two decades prior, Andy left Liverpool, England for Sydney, Australia, and was taken in by mentors in sales and Real Estate. As this experience grew it allowed him to synergize Neurolinguistics, Neuroscience, Behavioral Psychology into his art of peak performance.

After his own experience of betrayal, and a significant financial and emotional setback, Andy’s story became one of resilience and rebirth, and led him to becoming a global Mental Performance Expert.

At an industry conference, David saw Andy on stage and knew a transformation awaited. He sought Andy’s expertise, hoping to rewire his mindset and break free from his self-imposed constraints, and unlock the potential he knew he had inside.

The truth is, If we are not aware of our automatic, yet subtle behavioral patterns, Andy says, then we step into scenarios repeating the same decisions. And, if these decisions are from an outdated identity, then we repeat the same limitations. And, the brain chemical dopamine rewards us for doing so.

Dopamine? Yes, dopamine.

Dopamine is the motivation chemical, explains Murphy.  And unless you are able to control your own dopamine, it will control you, keeping you from achieving your highest potential.

If you don’t have your dopamine loops set up correctly, then you’re getting motivation from all the wrong things. That’s when we sabotage ourselves by becoming overstressed, chasing shiny objects, new projects, and results in other ways.

These unconscious patterns or automatic behaviors have been created through millions of experiences since you were born. 

“One of the things I help high performers do,” he continues, “is break these old patterns and instead rewire them to create new dopamine loops of performance.”

The first step is to interrupt the pattern, becoming consciously aware of what’s automatically playing.

We interrupt it by activating our prefrontal cortex. The fastest method to activate our prefrontal cortex by asking ourselves very specific questions right in the moment, such as:

What is this thought connected to? Is it the past? Is it the future?
What is the emotion that is connected?
What is the behavior, identity and outcome that it is going to create?

Without asking these questions, we are victims of a never-ending loop of being automatically driven by our emotions. 

Our emotions are the driver.  Our emotions can get stored in the limbic system part of our brain, which then loops to ensure we continue these old patterns, simply to protect us and keep us safe. 

This desire to stay safe can then switch on the amygdala, which is the part of the brain that assesses threats, and responds with either the fight, flight, or freeze response. 


The freeze response symptomizes when we procrastinate on what we know we should do. Procrastination is not laziness.  It’s a fear response. And we reinforce this fear with the dopamine that gets released when we avoid the task at hand. Very soon, though, the dopamine can crash because we question ourselves and potentially avoid what we know we should be doing, which triggers the loop all over again.


Flight can symptomatize as the shiny object syndrome. High performers often trick themselves to believe they are taking action by searching for a new project, idea, reviewing the latest trend, or getting excited about someone else’s new concept they might want to be a part of, hoping this will be the exact thing they need to get the result.


Think of the fight response as being the last attempt that your brain resorts to taking extreme action. This adrenaline surge definitely creates movement, yet like an explosion that can only last at full strength for so long before willpower takes over, the dopamine drops and ultimately we are left in the same box as before, searching for more dopamine.

Any of these three actions is a reaction to the brain’s threat response, and any ideas or decisions made from this primal emotion of fear and scarcity will be less than those made from our highest level of business and life.

David was unknowingly playing small, unconsciously repeating this pattern over and over again, and continually disappointing himself. 

If we don’t break the dopamine cycle, then we just keep looping. And that’s why most high performers, no matter how successful, are living a limited life, and unfulfilled potential.

When we understand the Neuroscience study of Neuroplasticity, this gives us the ability to start to separate our identity from the old and rewire a new upgraded way of thinking, feeling and behaving automatically.

When Murphy works with clients, he takes them Initially through the following five steps.

1. Awareness of Outdated Patterns: Becoming consciously aware of what is unconsciously and automatically playing. Andy and the entrepreneur diagnose outdated resistance behaviors that are slowing results down in key areas of the business, teams and management.

2. Understanding Brain Chemistry: Andy sheds light on how past negative experiences can affect brain chemistry, causing fear and hesitation in making significant business decisions.

3. Controlling Dopamine Levels: One of Andy’s groundbreaking approaches is teaching how to regulate dopamine levels. By controlling dopamine and stopping the extreme spikes and crashes, one can begin to manage motivation, pleasure, and reward sensations. This tool breaks you free from past limitations, mistakes and instead reconnects the future into a realm of newfound infinite possibilities.

4. Implementing Strategies for Breakthrough: Now with a clear understanding of your brain’s wiring, the entrepreneur begins to apply strategies to break through their mental barriers. 

Andy’s guidance in Neurolinguistics and Psychology plays a pivotal role, plus the addition and introduction of cutting edge technologies, nootropics, neuroscience and neuro-pharmacologies, assist the brain and nervous system to become conditioned to be more resilient and handle the weight of stepping into unchartered blue oceans with rapid growth.

5. Continuous Mental Reinforcement: Understanding the brain works very much like a physical muscle, therefore to ensure true lasting change, Andy emphasizes the importance of constant pattern awareness, interrupting and reinforcing to deepen the connections of the desired behaviors.

Quickly this regulates the snapback to our new identity when we ultimately get triggered as we expand quickly.

David’s journey of how an already successful entrepreneur recognizes, overcomes, and reignites himself and his business into new blue ocean potential is a powerful example of what is possible, by simply unlocking the power of the mind, brain and nervous system to build yourself into an upgraded and more complete version.

As a founder, this ability leads the vision of the company and ripples through to the managers and teams alike, upticking everyone’s passion, resilience and drive, to ultimately creating tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars in missed revenue which affect thousands of peoples lives.

Andy’s personal journey over 21 years has now synergised into the new highly competitive, ever transforming world of high pressure performance and exponential results.

Andy Murphy
The Personal Advisor and Neuroplasticity Coach To HNWI, Founders, and High Performers, Assisting Them To Condition Their Brain and Nervous System To Handle The Extreme Weight Of High-Pressure Growth And Business.