Emily Hartstone: Crafting a Legacy of Compassion and Triumph

Emily Hartstone, the visionary CEO of From the Hart Management LLC and a renowned motivational speaker, is on a mission to etch a legacy marked by hope and benevolence. Her journey, punctuated by a battle with leukemia and a rare disease diagnosed in her early twenties, has been nothing short of inspirational. Hartstone recognized that her time might be limited, but her ambition was boundless. In her pursuit, she found her calling in event planning and steering nonprofit organizations, pathways that illuminated her true purpose.

From the Hart Management LLC is not just a business endeavor for Hartstone; it’s a manifestation of her passion for nonprofit and business management, and event planning. Her expertise in business management, event sales, and marketing perfectly positions her to lead a successful enterprise. Hartstone’s strategy of prioritizing people over profit quickly endeared her to clients and vendors alike, catapulting her to recognition on major networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.

Living with leukemia and severe Graves’ disease is a daily challenge for Hartstone, but these hurdles have only fueled her desire to give back, especially to those grappling with similar health battles. She founded EmPOWERthePATIENTS™, an inspiring initiative advocating for those with rare and chronic illnesses. This platform offers a sanctuary for individuals to find solace and support, reflecting Hartstone’s understanding of the profound darkness such challenges can bring. Her contributions to various nonprofits and her sharing of personal cancer survival stories aim to ignite inspiration and hope.

Hartstone’s accolades as a motivational speaker and CEO are a testament to her extraordinary impact. Recognized as the International Association of Top Professionals’ (IAOTP) Top Motivational Entrepreneur & Speaker and Empowered Woman of the Year in 2023, her accolades include the Titan Platinum Business Entrepreneur Award and being named CEO Monthly’s Female CEO of the Year – North America. Esteemed publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur Herald have acknowledged her contributions at From the Hart Management. Moreover, her humanitarian efforts are being honored with an Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism this December.

While juggling her business and personal health challenges, Hartstone remains focused on the enduring impact of her endeavors. Her latest venture, HartCenteredLife™, embodies this commitment. This platform is a convergence point for individuals ranging from everyday people to entrepreneurs, all seeking transformation, be it personal or professional. HartCenteredLife™ promises to be a hub of inspiration, offering courses, fostering meaningful dialogues, and celebrating communal achievements.

Through HartCenteredLife™, Hartstone aspires to share the wisdom gleaned from her business acumen and life experiences, reaching a broader audience than ever before. Her goal is to nurture a community where support, celebration, and mutual growth are central themes.

Emily Hartstone’s journey hasn’t been without its trials, but her resilience and determination to impart positivity and strength to others remain unwavering. Through her work in event management, motivational speaking, and community building, she continues to be a beacon of hope and an agent of change, building the legacy she so desperately yearns to leave behind.