From the Ground Up: Matt Nunn on Building Nunn Media into an Empire

Matt Nunn | Nunn Media Group
From Regional Roots to Global Impact

Matt Nunn’s path to becoming a leading figure in the global media landscape encapsulates the quintessential Australian dream: building a career from humble regional beginnings into founding and leading Australia’s largest independent media agency, Nunn Media. As the architect behind Nunn Media, Nunn’s narrative is steeped in relentless ambition, hard work, a competitive nature and the audacity to dream big.

Growing up in Ballarat, Victoria, it was Nunn’s professional basketball career that led him to his first advertising role with a major regional television network in 1998.

“[The network] knew me from my basketball career and three league championships. They gave me a car, a set of car keys and a list of names and told me I’d succeed since I knew everyone in the town,” Nunn said.

This first media buying role steered Matt Nunn away from his original career trajectory as a physical education teacher and toward a highly successful career in advertising.

The Ascension of Nunn Media

Nunn Media’s inception in 2002 marked the beginning of an era of unprecedented growth and innovation. Under Nunn’s stewardship, the agency flourished, expanding its footprint beyond Australian borders to establish a presence in the United States.

This journey from a small family business to a global powerhouse has been punctuated by a series of strategic acquisitions, each carefully orchestrated to enhance the agency’s capabilities and extend its reach. These acquisitions include Kruse Media in 2013, AKA Media in 2014, Innovate Online in 2015, a stake in Local Planet in 2018 and most recently with digital innovator Alley Group in 2021. With each acquisition, Nunn has skillfully navigated the agency through the complexities of expansion, ensuring each step forward is grounded in the agency’s core values and vision.

Today, Nunn Media stands as a beacon of Australian excellence, with 200 dedicated employees and client billings surpassing AU $500 million (USD $330 million). Its clients include many giants of Australian retail, including brands in tech, fashion, and banking industries. It recently won the media accounts for a number of retail giants and a major metropolitan airport in competitive pitches.

Bringing Australian Excellence to the World Stage

At the heart of Nunn Media’s ethos is a deep-seated commitment to building strong teams and incentivising them to work hard and perform at their best. This leadership philosophy is characterised by a belief in the power of locally-owned media agencies to compete with and outshine competitors owned by international holding companies. This local-first philosophy sustains Nunn Media’s excellence, commitment to innovation and results it delivers for clients.

“In our 20 years in business, Nunn Media has continually outperformed large holding companies by ensuring every dollar spent by the client delivers maximum client return, and offering a competitive range of digital and media capabilities. It sounds simple, but it’s enabled us to soar above our competitors,” Nunn said.

Charting the Future: Data and Cloud Technology Transforming Agency Model

Looking to the future, Matt Nunn envisions a world where Australian media companies lead the charge in shaping the global advertising landscape. With plans for further international expansion and acquisitions, Nunn Media is poised to not only extend its influence but also to redefine the standards of excellence in the media buying sector.

Looking at the future of media buying, Nunn said cloud technologies and data will reshape the services clients expect when working with media agencies.

“The accessibility of data and cloud technology is already leading to capability creep, with media agencies now expected to become de facto technology firms. The booming popularity of AI has the power to extend this capability creep even further, and we as a leading media agency must be ready with the right solution when our clients want it.”

As Nunn Media continues to expand its reach and influence, Matt Nunn’s journey serves as a compelling blueprint for Australian businesses aspiring to global success. It’s a narrative that underscores the potential of Australian talent to transcend local boundaries and make a lasting impact on the world stage.

As Nunn Media charts its course toward further international expansion, it carries with it the aspirations of Australia’s business community, poised to redefine the global media landscape.