Gina Bucherich: Health Through Beauty at Divine, A Boutique Medspa

Of all the reasons to get into the beauty and fragrance industry, the desire to empower others is probably among the best. It’s a goal that makes sense. Beauty and aesthetics are about far more than vanity; they are about letting a person take power over how they see themselves and how the world sees them. It provides the ability to envision and create oneself anew, and to make that vision something real that is controllable, changeable, and evolving. For Gina Bucherich, founder of Divine, A Boutique Medspa, this is at the center of her business and mission.

Gina Bucherich’s background is one of care and healing. She started with a BSN in nursing from the University of Missouri and spent nine years working as a NICU nurse and a flight nurse for the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. After nearly a decade of commitment to helping children in medical need, Gina shifted her career to the aesthetic industry. This became a defining paradigm switch for her.

As she transitioned toward plastic surgery, Gina began to regularly perform non-surgical cosmetic procedures. She worked tirelessly and received training from some of the best professionals in the trade.

To her, beauty is health, so after a decade of learning and growth, she established Divine, A Boutique Medspa in 2017. She then set out to put her passions into action. Her broad career experience and specialized training quickly set her apart as a skilled professional, and her unique approach to aesthetic health has made Divine, A Boutique Medspa a very special place.

“My inspiration to start Divine, A Boutique Medspa,” says Gina, “Came from a huge desire to positively impact people’s confidence and self-esteem with aesthetic procedures and fragrance.” Gina and her team work with a holistic kind of health in mind. They help people embrace unique features and turn their aesthetic lives into self-care. With holistic healthcare at the forefront, they also help educate people about their aesthetic options, including empowering them to approach the effects of aging in a personalized, comfortable way.

“In the journey of self-care,” says Gina, “We help others discover the alchemy of transformation, where nurturing oneself becomes the catalyst for inner beauty, confidence, and a radiant existence.”

As of 2022, Gina officially established a fragrance company as well, called G’Divine. “The desire to uplift and remind women of their worth inspired me,” Gina says. She continues with, “I believe scent can be a powerful way to evoke positive emotions and provide a daily reminder of self-worth, love and adoration.”

Gina, who has also been a member of the Allergan Medical Institute faculty since 2016, continues to keep her professional focus on uplifting, healing, and empowering her patients. In her early career, this meant nurturing the sick, but now it means teaching and enhancing the beauty and confidence of her patients. It’s a story that gives Gina Bucherich a unique ability to provide what her patients need: control over their self-expression and self-image, and all the self-love and confidence that comes along with it.