GovPlus Founder Guy Lelouch and His Solution to Time-Consuming Government Forms

Businesses are known for their innovation and making complex processes simple and easy for their consumers. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the government. Some of the most dreadful and draining experiences are found in the waiting room of a government office.

Even the forms are unnecessarily complex and tedious. There are only so many times someone can enter the same information over and over again—for the same form—before they break.

Though this may seem dramatic, anyone who has ever set foot in a government office will say otherwise, including Guy Lelouch.

From a young age, Guy had dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley with a tech company of his own. He grew up in France and always had a special interest in computers and learned how to code and create programs of his own. 

He was full of optimism and determination, and after graduating college, he moved to the US—ready to start his own company.

Guy found a job as a coder with the hopes to get a visa so that he could stay in the U.S. and analyze the market. 

Two years later, it was time to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. Unfortunately, one of the first roadblocks many entrepreneurs hit is government forms. He attempted to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) but found that federal sites were closed over the weekend.

As a computer programmer, Guy saw this as counterintuitive. So, he designed a product that would complete the EIN application process over the weekend.

Starting with the “pain point” of federal sites being closed over the weekend, Guy teamed up with his business partner Katie D’Amore to solve other pain points and eventually started solving problems related to other government processes and forms.

Soon, he had a comprehensive platform of services. His company is known today as GovPlus and has become an alternative solution that customers can use instead of the more traditional solutions like going to a government website or office.

As a result, there’s no longer a need to deal with outdated and unfriendly government user interfaces. Instead, GovPlus is becoming the number one platform to fill out a variety of government forms such as those for passports, address changes, Social Security cards, birth certificates, and more.

On top of that, GovPlus securely stores users’ data to auto-fill forms—eliminating the need to input the same information by hand over and over again. The platform also sends, tracks, and provides updates on applications and helps ensure that each form is error-free.

With integrated features such as mobile ID and passport photo uploads, electronic signatures, and even an online notary, long waits at government offices can be avoided in exchange for a more convenient and faster online experience.

Today, Guy Lelouch continues to work on offering more services that do away with time-consuming, complex, and inefficient government forms—making everyone’s lives a bit easier and government agencies more efficient.