‘Great shape screams work ethic’: Reece Hallard on how transforming your physique strengthens your authority at work

Ex-footballer Reece Hallard found fulfillment in helping others reach prime physical fitness. As an entrepreneur and coach, he’s in his prime, realizing career ambitions and body transformations at the same time.

The image of CEOs and high-achievers prospering in fitness and work is well-ingrained in the minds of most. Celebrities’ jaw-dropping routines ring perpetually in the ears of those simply trying to improve their physique and catalyze fat loss.

But it’s not the reality for countless aspirational professionals who sacrifice their health for their careers. Yet many don’t realize the results they crave—physical transformation and professional empowerment—are deeply intertwined.

Seven years ago, this truth occurred to Reece Hallard. The knock-on effects became evident while growing Smart Body and Performance, which helps career-driven individuals prioritize their body health.

“When you look after yourself and are clearly in great shape, an employer can trust you to look after the interests of their company,” Hallard illustrates. “If someone goes to interviews and meetings, and they’re out of shape, there is a disconnect and lack of trust because they can’t look after their own interests first. Great shape screams work ethic.”

Counting the clock

A big complaint among swamped high-performers is the time trade-off. Hallard advocates for making time rather than finding it. For the ambitious, to-do lists never end.

It’s not only visually beneficial to take control of fat loss and manifest a transformation. A healthier lifestyle allows you to show up at your job or business more energized and focused. Physical health is the efficiency hack that never expires.

As with most fitness goals, the pressing question is ‘how.’ Reece Hallard prides himself on the 950-plus career-driven professionals who have succeeded and achieved world-class transformations under his wing. Now, he shares the secrets behind his transformations and how they propel professional progress:

Diet: the big domino

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the abundance of complex terminology for what you consume. Reece Hallard levels the playing field, championing accessible meal plans and a hybrid nutrition system that gives more freedom, not less.

“When nutrition’s spot on, everything else falls in line,” he explains. “It’s the staple for body transformation. But it’s also fuel for brain focus and workout performance.”

If you spend several meal times in one place, it can easily hamper your health. Having snacks around your desk causes lethargy while reducing fat loss.

Instead, Reece Hallard believes in simple solutions. As a workplace rule, you should consume protein every two hours and carbohydrates primarily before and after workouts. Doing so allows flexibility at the weekend and maintains a strategic balance of physique and workplace focus.

Establishing an equilibrium

Whether in fat loss, physical health, or their career, every time-strapped professional wants the quickest route to the finish. However, focusing solely on cardiovascular exercise or weight work can stifle progress in the other. Balance is essential to feel empowered at work.

“If you go too far down the resistance training route, you’ll ruin your endurance, heart, and brain health,” Hallard says. “On the other hand, too much cardio can adversely affect your joints, strength, and physique.”

Resistance-based training programs, which Smart Body and Performance offers, are the most effective way to boost workplace confidence through a strong, stand-out physique. Meanwhile, aerobic fitness is the enabler, laying the groundwork and aiding the fat loss necessary to attain the ideal body and mind.

Active accountability

Especially after the holidays, staying disciplined with nutrition and physical activity can feel like an uphill battle followed by an inevitable downhill slide. Reece Hallard recommends working out in the morning, moving regularly throughout the day, and reducing snacking to maintain forward momentum.

But accountability is even more potent when it comes from elsewhere. An external benchmark is vital to avoid falling back into old habits and the daily grind.

“As you might have clients, advisors, or superiors in the workplace, it’s the same with your body health and performance,” the coach states. “You should have someone in your corner who you don’t want to let down and can hold you accountable.”

Friends on a similar journey can notice when you’re at risk of slipping backward and help you take action. Your guiding light doesn’t even need to be a human. Events, like upcoming vacations, can serve as targets to keep you on the straight and narrow.

If there are no obvious candidates, consider hiring a coach. As well as holding you to a higher standard, a fitness coach can make fat loss and physical transformation easier by creating strategic meal plans, training programs, and lifestyle targets to reach optimum health.

Reece Hallard’s motif is unconventional but caters uniquely to aspirational high-performers. He wants to take the thought out of fitness for those who devote their mental energy to their career development.

And, off the back of many successful outcomes for hundreds of busy career-driven professionals, he’s willing to refund anyone who doesn’t experience a transformation, plus £1,000: “If you wait too long, your health will get so bad, you will have to make time.”