Harmoniously Closes the Gap in Psychedelic Medicine Access for Better Mental Wellness

People’s knowledge of promoting mental wellness has significantly changed in recent years. There has been a rising awareness of the necessity for efficient and comprehensive therapies as society becomes more aware of mental health concerns. 

An interesting area of study that examines the possibility of psychedelic drugs as alternative treatments for various mental health issues has evolved alongside conventional therapy and medications. This innovative method has generated attention and enthusiasm in the scientific and medical professions and offers fresh hope for individuals suffering from crippling mental diseases.

Of course, this comes with certain challenges. One involves marginalized communities, who face numerous challenges in accessing breakthrough therapies. These challenges include financial barriers, systemic disparities, underrepresentation in research, geographical limitations, and language/cultural barriers. Achieving equitable access requires addressing these issues through advocacy, policy changes, increased diversity in research, improved healthcare infrastructure, and culturally competent care.

Harmoniously aims to bridge this particular gap by revolutionizing psychedelic medicine using a truly spiritual approach to dealing with mental wellness challenges such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other traumas. 

Making Psychedelic Medicine Accessible to All

Harmoniously was founded by a unique team with expertise in clinical mental health, technology, Buddhist philosophy, and traditional sacred plant medicines. They believe that the healing potential of all psychedelic medicine, including non-classical psychedelics such as Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, is effective because they treat people holistically by addressing the mind-body-spiritual component of mental wellness. 

As a public benefit corporation, Harmoniously is committed to doing good in the communities it serves, establishing itself as an evidence-based, at-home ketamine-assisted therapy company that is revolutionizing the psychedelic medicines and services industry.

Founder Sean Carr explains: “We are a true integrative wellness company. We are founded on the idea that you should not be working with psychedelic medicines in a vacuum. Whether you work with regulated medicines like Ketamine or work with the spiritual or ceremonial use of sacred plants, or soon regulated access to other psychedelic medicines in Colorado, we are able, with consent, to share electronic health records, with Primary Care Providers to help provide a better understanding of the risk/benefit profile of psychedelic medicine’s and create a holistic approach that includes the critical element of primary care.”

Sharing a Unique Integrative Approach

A pre-screen questionnaire and a scheduled initial psychiatric intake visit will assist patients to determine and select which ketamine treatment is right for them. During this stage, the clinician will also talk with you about overall wellness goals and help develop a plan and recommend an integrative care team to achieve them.

The medicine then will be shipped directly to the patients’ homes from one of the company’s partner compounding pharmacies. Patients can contact their pharmacists or their clinicians if they have any questions. They will also get access to programs to help them on their first journey. When they are ready to begin, they can take advantage of the facility’s curated playlist of soothing medicine music and eye shades, as well as a journal to use after the experience. 

Patients can work with a coach, therapist, wellness, or spiritual counselor to help talk through their experience and develop actionable next steps to integrate the insights they gain into new habits and behaviors that will aid in their journey of self-discovery and improvement.

Giving Back to the Community

What makes Harmoniously different is its particular focus on bringing the healing power of these medicines to communities that have been historically underrepresented in breakthrough medical advancements due to systemic racism, transphobia, and homophobia.

“We want to focus on accessibility in psychedelic medicines, particularly in the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities. We are also focused on giving back–we made a 1:1:1 pledge to donate 1% of profit, 1% of equity, and 1% of services to help promote equity and indigenous reciprocity in psychedelic medicines. And we are dedicated to combining knowledge from work with sacred plant medicines into who we work with regulated medicines like Ketamine in order to improve outcomes for our clients,” Carr said.

Garnering Milestones

So far, Harmoniously has raised $300.000 in its pre-seed round and is starting to seek seed round funding of $8 to $10 million. The company is also building a board of directors made up of founders, industry experts, employees, and indigenous people to provide a holistic view of how it can best serve the communities it operates in.
The healing potential of psychedelic medicines presents a challenge to the recurring revenue model the economy is built on. Harmoniously believes that it can be successful while breaking the recurring revenue model by looking to the roots of psychedelic medicines. This will help the company heal people as it opens more opportunities to continue to be of service to the community.