How Tremaine Fernandez Turned Struggle into Success, Propelling Net Zero Energy to the Forefront of Australia’s Energy Sector

Not all individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, with limited access to education and financial resources, are condemned to a lifetime of hardship. Some are capable of breaking the cycle, finding the inner strength to break free from the circumstances they were born into. Ultimately, the energy spent dwelling on the past, has the potential to be channeled into something positive and wildly transformative in the future.

Tremaine Fernandez, the founder of Net Zero Energy Australia and Prolific Corp, has emerged as a prominent figure in Australia’s energy services industry. Net Zero Energy Australia currently stands as one of the largest energy services providers in Australia. Throughout his journey, Tremaines dedication and commitment earned him a nomination for the Victorian Young Entrepreneur Awards, making him an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Tremaine and his sister were raised by a single mother. His biological father was incarcerated and his stepfather was brutally murdered. Despite these hardships, his mother made every effort to keep the family together, even if it meant putting herself in debt. Using her love and determination like a shield, she never let Tremaine and his sister go to bed hungry, while also ensuring Tremaine stayed on the right path. These challenges gave Tremaine a stronger purpose in life. The love he felt for his mother and sister fueled his drive as he wanted to provide them with a life filled with happiness and security, erasing the painful memories of their past.

Given the financial situation of his family, Tremaine took it upon himself to step up as the “man of the house” quite early on. Without a degree or formal education, he ended up in a commission-only door-to-door sales job at age 18. Despite its difficulties, he found the challenges of the sales industry interesting. This fuelled his interest to delve deeper into the industry, mastering the art of sales and the deep psychology behind it. In just a year, Tremaine made record sales at the company he was working for and eventually started leading his own team of sales representatives.

Although Tremaine was scaling up in the sales industry he felt his growth was limited due to his lack of formal education. To overcome such barriers he started self-tutoring himself on business, finance, and economics. Soon he developed a network of high-profile business owners and CEOs. His insights developed into a successful business. Starting with product development to procurement, operations, marketing, fulfillment, and accounting, Tremaine was confident he could do it all.

After gaining a brief experience in the renewable energy sector, Tremaine then founded Net Zero Energy Australia. The company helps businesses invest in energy-efficient products and services, such as LED lighting and commercial solar systems.

Recognizing the imminent strain on Australia’s energy infrastructure, Tremaine focused his company on reducing non-renewable power consumption and countering the detrimental effects of coal dependence. Under Tremaine’s passionate leadership, Net Zero Energy Australia has emerged as a key contributor to the country’s energy efficiency targets, helping businesses to reduce their power consumption with typical ROI within 12 months.

As a serial entrepreneur, Tremaine has also expanded his ventures into varied sectors including commodity businesses such as oil, gas, and gold, as well as trades in cryptocurrency. He states,  “Most businesses face the same challenges: scalability, cashflow, market conditions, recessions, and the cost of everything going up. Whatever the challenge is, you have to show up no matter what. Regardless of how you feel, never quit. If you don’t quit, you don’t fail.”

Tremaine Fernandez’s path from door-to-door sales to revolutionizing Australia’s energy sector serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Without formal education, he defies conventional expectations, reminding aspiring entrepreneurs that they too have the power to reshape industries and leave a positive mark on the world.