‘I had no confidence in my twenties’: How Fitness Coach Nancy Di Nino is Empowering a Movement of Strong Women Over Forty

Women’s Expert Health Coach Nancy Di Nino was at the peak of her powers—until the menopause hit. Now, she is bringing the secrets of women’s health post-40 out of the shadows.

“Beauty comes in different packages,” Nancy Di Nino proclaims. She’s referring to a universal realization that all women should come to. But the quote’s roots stem much further into her past.

Now the CEO of Nancy Di Nino Health & Fitness Coaching LLC, Di Nino’s route into the health and fitness world was never straightforward.

It mirrored the journeys of countless women who have a problematic relationship with their body image. She bobbed and weaved through the mystery of aging, each setback motivating her to get closer to the answer.

“I never want women to go through what I went through,” she illustrates. “It felt like a monster had taken my body away.”

Di Nino’s words likely resonate with women everywhere, regardless of age. Due to the mounting pressure on girls from their early years, dysmorphia is prevalent, an accepted norm in a sea of expectations.

Stagnation as women approach 40 is just another crippling inevitability. But, in the coach’s view, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Revealing the reality

Nancy Di Nino doesn’t claim to be a prodigy who had it all figured out from the moment she set foot in fitness. It was more of a nervy toe in the ocean, followed by desperately treading water, which led to her current wisdom.

“I had no confidence in my twenties,” she confesses. “You can’t have 10% body fat, train two or three hours a day and think it’s normal. It’s not realistic.”

It got worse before it got better for the former professional fitness competitor. The onset of perimenopause with little mental preparation wrought havoc on her well-being. Amid the hot flushes, brain fog, and depression, she lost her athleticism.

In truth, the two have a connection. After reading a formative book by Suzanne Somers, Di Nino’s lightbulb moment came. Yesterday’s solution no longer works because today’s problem has changed.

Future-proofing a physique

The watershed came when Di Nino realized the influence of hormones on women’s fitness, especially after 40.

Hormone imbalances are the puppeteer behind feelings of inadequacy, pulling the strings that hold women back.

The first step is to release self-blame. Then, women can implement everyday practices that address the underlying cause: “Getting good quality sleep, eating enough protein, drinking enough water, doing strength training three to five times a week, and eating nutrient-dense foods.”

“Today, you might only be able to do 6,000 steps. But tomorrow, it might be 8,000.”

Di Nino’s approach differs from conventional thinking, most strikingly in the dietary realm. Rather than dramatically limiting calorie intake, she recommends eating what your body needs. Starving yourself will only lead to insulin and glucose spikes, causing the retention of fat.

Likewise, exercise for maturing women needs a radical rethink. Rather than excessive cardio, strength training is the best way to rebalance hormones and release fat.

“Muscle mass changes your body composition, which raises metabolism, strengthens your bones, and protects your joints,” Di Nino explains. “Strength training is the path to longevity and aging in reverse.”

The intended effects stretch far beyond the menopause. Muscle built today lays the foundations for self-sufficiency in your later years. The dignity to perform tasks like carrying grocery bags upstairs is the long-term goal.

Manifesting a movement

Devotees to the Di Nino way are in no short supply. The Lean Bodies Coach has influenced women on every continent to reconcile their internal youth with their older bodies.

In-depth analyses, accountability check-ins, and continuous tracking are her primary tools. But menopause and its diverse mental and physical effects are no pushover.

“It’s about sharing information at an earlier age so people understand what their body is going through,” the coach articulates.

Thousands of clients later, Di Nino hasn’t forgotten her ‘why.’ What she terms ‘Becoming Her,’ enabling women to see their inner self reflected in the mirror, is the constant gratification that preserves her mission.

“Give yourself a chance,” she asserts. “Your life isn’t over just because you hit 40—your second act is just beginning.”

An overwhelming euphoria and empowerment surges through Nancy Di Nino’s story despite its trials and tribulations.

Persistent hardship stoked the flames of her potentially generation-defining knowledge. Yet, a plain-spoken message remains her spark of inspiration: “Beauty comes from inside, and everything else is extra.”

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