Jacine Greenwood garnered recognition as one of the most Influential Women in 2023 at the Australian Small Business Awards

Roccoco Botanicals is still relatively unheard of in Australia, but the brand is making huge waves overseas.  The journey of Roccoco Botanicals began humbly, right at its founder Jacine Greenwood’s kitchen sink. In 2021, the brand made waves by securing a spot on the prestigious Australian Financial Review FAST 100 list, claiming the 66th position. What’s remarkable is that, up until January 2021, the products were meticulously crafted by hand, often using just a basic bamex stick blender. However, recognizing the need to scale the brand, early 2021 marked a significant milestone as Roccoco Botanicals invested in large-scale manufacturing equipment, paving the way for expansion and growth.

Jacine Greenwood garnered recognition as one of the most Influential Women in 2023 at the Australian Small Business Awards. She is the mind behind Roccoco Botanicals, a brand born out of her personal struggle with sensitive skin. Faced with a lack of suitable products in the market, she embarked on a mission to develop a skincare range tailored for all sensitive skin types, aiming to spare others the challenges she had endured.

What makes Roccoco Botanicals’ journey even more remarkable is its independent trajectory. Unlike many startups in the industry, the brand has never relied on crowdfunding for support. Furthermore, Jacine remains the sole shareholder in the company, adding another layer of uniqueness to its story.

Roccoco Botanicals has gained acclaim for its innovative spirit and unconventional thinking, clinching consecutive innovation awards on a global scale for two years running. Greenwood’s philosophy is deeply intertwined with nature, drawing inspiration from Ayurvedic and Chinese traditions, as well as botanical ingredients. This fusion yields a product not only crafted for sensitive skin but also distinguished by a vibrant aesthetic, featuring hues derived from natural antioxidants and tannins.

In a bid to promote sustainability, the brand introduced its first refillable packaging in 2023, with plans to transition the entire range to recyclable and refillable containers by the close of 2024. This eco-conscious initiative underscores Roccoco Botanicals’ dedication to reducing its environmental impact while maintaining product accessibility and eco-friendliness.

Roccoco Botanicals stands out for its exploration of unconventional ingredients, with Greenwood priding herself on her approach to sourcing raw materials globally. Recognized as an early adopter within the industry, she often leads the way in embracing new ingredients, cementing the brand’s reputation as an innovator in skincare.

Acknowledging the diversity of skincare needs, Roccoco Botanicals is committed to crafting products suitable for all individuals, irrespective of skin type, tone, or background. Greenwood’s personal journey with sensitive skin informs the brand’s inclusive ethos, ensuring that everyone can benefit from their transformative formulations and sustainable practices.

From innovative blends to refillable packaging, every decision at Roccoco Botanicals is driven by a commitment to inclusivity and empowerment. By embracing the beauty of diversity, the brand seeks to empower individuals to embrace their unique skin and feel confident in their natural beauty.  The brand is incredibly proud to be Australian-made and owned and manufactured on the Gold Coast.