Jay Shong: A Fresh Perspective on Financial Leadership

In finance, some tread the well-worn path, and others blaze their own trail. Jay Shong is a rule-writer and a visionary leader with a fresh perspective on financial management. With over a decade of corporate experience in Australia, Jay decided to venture out independently, bringing his innovative approach to a broader audience.

As a young CFO, Jay is not your typical financial advisor. He’s not an auditor or a tax agent, but he works closely with them to ensure you get the best service. He’s a “YES” man, open to any possibility until he has enough data to make an informed decision.

A Journey Paved with Milestones

Jay’s voyage in the financial sector is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Armed with a CPA (Aust) and CA (M) designation, Jay boasts over a decade of experience in Corporate Management Accounting and Finance.

His illustrious career has seen him occupy pivotal roles in renowned companies such as Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) and UMW Oil & Gas Bhd subsidiaries, where he oversaw operations spanning Australia and Malaysia.

The Affinitive Blueprint

At the helm of Affinitive, Jay’s dedication to his clients is unwavering. He’s committed to crafting realistic client objectives and building a streamlined financial management ecosystem.

His blueprint alleviates the financial management load for clients, freeing them to concentrate on their core business operations. This unique approach to business finance, coupled with his commitment to nurturing growth in the business community, has garnered him accolades from clients and peers alike.

Fanshen Chan, Sales Development Manager – Asia, Shopify, had this to say about Jay:

“Jay is a forward-thinking, cloud-focused advisor who is constantly exploring the best-fit solutions to implement for his clients. Having worked closely with Jay, I’m impressed with his curiosity to push the boundaries for his clients, challenging the norm, and adapting internal workflows to achieve tighter operational efficiencies and cost savings.”

The Pillars of Success

Jay’s educational foundation is as solid as his professional track record. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Executive Programme at the London Business School. His skillset encompasses accounting, budgeting, and forecasting. But it’s not just about the skills and qualifications. Jay’s innovative mindset, expertise, and unwavering dedication set him apart in his industry.

Work-Life Harmony: The Jay Shong Philosophy

Jay’s commitment to work-life harmony is as noteworthy as his professional triumphs. Despite clocking in about 70 hours a week, he’s got the balance down to a science.

He advocates for trimming down meeting durations and setting aside sacred no-interruption periods for exercise and relaxation. He ensures that he spends quality time with his family from 5/6pm until 10am, and he resumes his work plans outside that window.

Moreover, he carves out an entire day off every Saturday and a half day on Sunday for personal rejuvenation.

A Visionary at the Helm

Jay Shong is a visionary leader in the financial sector, backed by a strong foundation in Corporate Management Accounting and Finance. As the Founder and CEO of Affinitive, he is committed to delivering strategic financial services that empower businesses to streamline their operations and reach their objectives.

Jay’s approach to finance transcends mere numbers and spreadsheets. It’s about comprehending the business lifecycle, making informed borrowing decisions, and understanding startups intimately. He firmly believes that robust financial management is the lifeblood of a thriving, prosperous business.

Jay’s unwavering commitment to his work, innovative approach to finance, and dedication to work-life harmony make him a true luminary in his field. His story is a powerful testament to the transformative power of hard work, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.