Kev Legend’s Expat Launchpad: Ensuring Smooth Transitions for Future Expatriates

Moving to a new country can be exhilarating, but adjusting to a new environment can be stressful and overwhelming. One must navigate unfamiliar cultural norms, establish new routines, plan logistics, and face bureaucratic problems. Unfortunately, one can face numerous challenges throughout the transition. For instance, nearly 60% of expats consider accommodation unaffordable in Australia. Meanwhile, 38% note the difficulty of finding one in the first place. Addressing such issues can lead to heightened levels of anxiety and depression, especially when the initial excitement of the move wears off.

Besides the mental strain, leaving behind familiar faces and places can create a sense of loss. One is bound to feel sad and homesick with the lack of immediate emotional support during this time. Another factor to consider is language barriers. For many, struggling to communicate in a new language is frustrating and, at times, embarrassing because of feelings of incompetence.

Not only that, but these barriers can also make everyday tasks more stressful and social integration more difficult. Over time, one might question their identity as they feel disconnected from both their home and new culture. Kev Legend, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and global lifestyle coach, experienced all these firsthand.

The life transition tested his confidence in an unfamiliar territory. However, being the determined man that he is, he chose to embrace and overcome adversity despite the feelings of loneliness and isolation. He learned how important it is to practice self-compassion, forgive oneself, and perceive the journey as a continuous learning experience when faced with setbacks and moments of self-doubt.

Given the challenges he faced and observed in others, Kev made it his mission to alleviate the stress and uncertainties associated with moving abroad. He developed  Expat Launchpad (EPLP), an educational initiative providing future expatriates with the knowledge and resources they need for a smooth transition. EPLP offers online courses covering various topics, such as visa applications, housing arrangements, cultural adaptation, and financial planning.

Recognizing the importance of thorough preparation, Kev meticulously curated EPLP’s detailed modules. He even developed pre-move and visa checklists, banking guidelines, healthcare considerations, cultural integration strategies, emergency contact protocols, as well as guidance for pet relocation.

Reflecting on the motivation behind this venture, Kev remarks, “The question that lingered in my head was, ‘How do I help someone move from where they are to where they want to be?’ The answer is EPLP. My main goal was to help as many people as possible, so I want to cater to those who may not be able to afford coaching services. I realized I could educate people at a fraction of the cost. They can go through the modules on their time and gain knowledge, all while being part of a broader community.”

Building a community is no stranger to Kev. He partners with tourism boards to break down any walls that might be preventing someone from taking that leap. Kev’s well-established relationships allow him to be a true connector, whether that’s traveler to traveler, client to professional, or new traveler to country, from lift-off to landing.

It’s significant to emphasize that EPLP is only one component of Kev’s broader vision within BreakThrough Global. BreakThrough Global is an initiative that aims to simplify the international relocation process and establish a global community. It’s a coaching service developed to connect people, break down cultural barriers, and inspire individuals to live and give back wherever they find themselves in the world. BreakThrough Global is set to expand its services as Kev continues to explore avenues for making a positive impact across communities.

Kev also began other initiatives like Inspiration Nation and Culture Shock. The former serves as a motivational platform, offering inspirational content and stories to encourage personal growth and professional development. The practical advice and positive messaging provided by Inspiration Nation empower individuals to live fulfilling lives.

Kev Legend

Culture Shock takes a different approach. It’s all about delving into travel influencing. This brand aims to uncover the less-explored corners of the world to spotlight unique cultures, hidden gems, and incredible people that make each destination special. These projects represent Kev’s mission of helping more people thrive in unfamiliar environments.

“Every individual has their own needs. For some, it’s coaching; for others, it’s community or knowledge. I’m exploring various ways to motivate and make people feel comfortable to take the leap,” shares Kev. This approach illustrates the passionate man’s desire to provide practical solutions, showcasing his commitment to positively impact individuals and, in time, larger communities.

Besides spearheading these initiatives, Kev is channeling his passion and expertise into writing a book that captures his experiences, insights, and vision for a more interconnected and empathetic world. ‘If Not You Then Who’ aims to provide people with a roadmap for how to take charge of their lives, and ask themselves, if not you, then who?