Luke Hawkins: Illuminating Transformation Through Neuro Transformation Therapy

Luke Hawkins, a remarkable figure in the realm of personal development, has reshaped the landscape of coaching through his esteemed institution, the Luke Hawkins Life Coaching School. With a profound focus on trained individuals to aspire to become the most successful certified life coaches, Hawkins is setting new benchmarks within the coaching arena.

Hawkins’ journey into coaching emerged from a place of personal struggle. In 2014, his teaching career hit a crossroads, leaving him feeling adrift as a high school teacher. A transformative relationship breakup served as a catalyst, propelling him into a journey of self-discovery and growth that ultimately led him to the world of life coaching.

Over the span of nine transformative years, Hawkins has worked with over 2100 clients, addressing issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, smoking cessation, weight loss, phobias, and relationship challenges. His insights into genuine transformation culminated in the creation of Neuro Transformation Therapy (NTT), his pioneering modality.

As the mastermind behind NTT, Hawkins possesses a unique ability to facilitate immediate and lasting change by leveraging the power of the subconscious mind. His three-step “What, Why & How” transformation framework has consistently delivered profound results for his students and their clients alike. What is even more remarkable, is that 90% of his students who enter his training on anxiety & depression medication  stop their medication within the first 4 weeks of completing the training. By wholeheartedly dedicating himself to mastering the science of personal transformation, Hawkins has successfully trained over 1900 students, cementing his position as a foremost expert in the field and the leading Life Coaching School in Australia.

“Through my personal journey of transformation, I realized that anyone can change with the right guidance and a proper change model,” Hawkins shared. “Neuro Transformation Therapy emerged as a groundbreaking tool based on the latest insights from neuroscience, enabling individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve deep personal growth.”

At the heart of his approach, Hawkins empowers individuals to earn their certification as life coaches through his comprehensive Neuro Transformation Therapy Coach Certification Program. Graduates of his program stand out for their authenticity and congruence, as they have experienced their own transformations and are thus able to guide others through their own transformation journey. This unique program equips participants with the skills to facilitate profound change in others, addressing a wide array of challenges that people face.

From being a high school teacher earning a modest $250 a week to evolving into a multi-million-dollar entrepreneur, Hawkins’ mission is clear: to heal people and elevate the collective consciousness by nurturing the world’s most exceptional coaches and leaders.

The story of Luke Hawkins embodies resilience, determination, and transformation. His contribution to the life coaching industry has shattered norms and established a new standard for producing authentic Life Coaches who drive profound personal transformations for themselves and their clients.