Meet Lunderg: Top Notch Fall Prevention Durable Medical Equipment for Improved Patient Care

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than one out of four 65 and older Americans fall, making it the “leading cause of injury and injury death” in this age group. These incidents can lead to severe consequences, including injuries, hip fractures, loss of independence, traumatic brain injuries, or worse, death. Prevention is possible with the appropriate fall prevention devices for seniors.

In addressing this pressing need, DME product manufacturer Lunderg provides a comprehensive suite of patient-care products, such as mobility aids and fall-prevention equipment, improving patient service across the US and Canada.

Lunderg’s strengthening presence comes at a time when the statistics for falls among the elderly and mobility-impaired individuals are alarmingly high, championing a cause for safer, more dignified living for those at risk.

Breaking Away from the Traditional

Traditional fall prevention measures like grab bars, non-slip mats, handrails, canes, and walkers have long been staples in reducing the risk of falls, particularly among older people and those with mobility challenges. While these solutions provide essential support, several factors can limit their effectiveness.

Traditional equipment often requires manual adjustment and can be obtrusive, potentially interfering with daily activities. Moreover, these solutions may not address the complex needs of individuals with varying mobility or cognitive impairments, who require more personalised and adaptive support.

Shawn Higgins, CEO of Lunderg, explains that combining demographic shifts, technological advancements, and a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of fall risks drives the need to improve fall prevention measures.

Technological advancements have opened new possibilities for fall prevention, offering more sophisticated tools like wearable devices and a broader understanding of fall determinants to adapt to the patient’s changing needs and environments.

Higgins mentions, “In this push for improvement, the goal is to enhance the quality of life for those at risk of falls and their caregivers, allowing for greater independence and confidence in their daily activities.”

What Difference Lunderg Offers

Lunderg’s fall prevention products focus on unobtrusive, user-friendly designs that integrate seamlessly into the user’s lifestyle, offering easy use and encouraging consistent use. They represent a departure from traditional fall prevention techniques, incorporating advanced technology to deliver more proactive and less intrusive solutions.

Shawn Higgins explains that their innovative Bed Alarm System and Chair Alarm System, both equipped with pagers and wireless signals, are designed to alert caregivers, family members, or anyone on the premises before a patient gets up from a bed, chair, wheelchair, or sofa. This immediate notification system enables swift assistance to the patient, significantly reducing the risk of falls by providing timely support.

Unlike conventional fall prevention methods that rely on physical restraints or passive barriers, Lunderg’s fall prevention offers a dynamic solution that respects the patient’s freedom and mobility. Its smart technology and wireless nature allow patients to move freely without the encumbrance of wires or false alarms, fostering independence while maintaining an accurate high level of safety.

An advanced, patented alert system that activates at the first sign of movement provides immediate and reassuring security. This system allows caregivers to rest or focus on other duties, knowing they will be notified instantly if their help is needed. Lunderg’s newest bed alarm system also features an innovative sensor pad discreetly placed beneath the mattress, ensuring that patients remain undisturbed while asleep.

Lunderg’s mission is to provide peace of mind. While peace of mind is priceless, Higgins takes pride in giving patients, families, and care professionals a semblance of serenity through Lunderg’s fall prevention products. These products are meticulously designed to deliver physical safety and emotional reassurance for both patients and their caregivers.

The Future is Bright for the Durable Medical Equipment Niche

As Lunderg expands its product range and reaches, with plans to open in UK markets, its focus remains on its core mission: to enhance the quality of life for patients and caregivers through innovative solutions. Higgins shares, “Each time we successfully prevent a fall or receive feedback from customers, it fuels our determination to continually redefine the limits of what can be achieved in patient care.”

Higgins recognises that tackling falls represents merely one of the significant challenges confronting patient and elderly care. Yet, Lunderg’s commitment to technology-driven patient care enhancement promises to revolutionise the durable medical equipment industry. Lunderg is set to substantially improve patient outcomes and elevate standards of elderly care.

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