Meet Melissa Zonneveld: The Young Mom Behind a Beauty Empire

Entrepreneur and founder of Facial Rejuve and Cosmetic Laneway Melissa Zonneveld lives a flexible and luxurious lifestyle today. However, it wasn’t long ago that she spent her days earning a modest income, struggling to find solace and passion. Zonneveld started her nursing career in an emergency department, tirelessly working back-to-back shifts with little to no work-life balance. Extensive shifts had her physically and emotionally exhausted, but the truth is, nothing gets better until you embrace change and enthusiastically abandon your comfort zone. This is precisely what Zonneveld decided to do when she took the plunge into following her passion and started a business in the aesthetics industry, transforming herself into a cosmetic nurse.

As a registered nurse in a busy Emergency Department, Zonneveld was stuck in an environment with limited growth opportunities and a need for change. Of course, every positive change worth undertaking comes with a whole new set of challenges. As if entering a business alone wasn’t enough, Zonneveld suddenly found herself juggling that process alongside single parenthood. As a new mother on her own, she faced tremendous difficulties balancing motherhood with working full-time and simultaneously sustaining and growing a business. Zonneveld soon determined that other people were the most valuable resource to these challenges. She decided to employ a staff under FacialRejuve to handle the cosmetic injectable treatments.With some newfound relief, Zonneveld could stay at home to focus on the time-consuming duties of motherhood, which also allowed her time to brainstorm. This much-needed extra time opened the door to her next venture, as she conceptualized and set up Cosmetic Laneway as a self-managed business structure. Cosmetic Laneway started as merely a passive income to stack on top of her work with FacialRejuve, but it has effectively grown into a genuine beauty empire. Zonneveld showcases the stunning ability to transform your life from minimal job satisfaction into one that can genuinely support you by following your passion.

Since opening up what is now revered as the beauty empire of Cosmetic Laneway in February 2023, the company has become a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs. The business comprises a wide range of impressive services, from hair, make-up, cosmetic injectables, and skin treatments to cosmetic tattooing, brows, and lashes. All of these vital cosmetic services are complimented by Cosmetic Laneway’s devotion to high-standard body contouring, teeth whitening, and more. Zonneveld plans to continue growing and expanding the Cosmetic Laneway brand, bringing the finest beauty products and services to more and more people daily.

Inspirational truly is an understatement regarding Zonneveld and her admirable journey from registered nurse to millionaire entrepreneur. It takes many years of continuous education and labor to build a career. Still, it takes a genuinely unique spirit and a high level of courage to leave that career behind in favor of plunging into a passion project. Such a move tip toes along the line between recklessness and ingenuity. With the amount of courage and devotion that Zonneveld continues to exhibit, it’s safe to say that Cosmetic Laneway is poised to remain at the top of its industry for many years to come.