Meet Samantha Rose Santos, the mind behind Le Lotus Bleu looking to transform the Tea Industry

Photographer: Cristian Paez
Creative Director & Stylist: Simply Ravishin

Photographer: Cristian Paez | Creative Director & Stylist: Simply Ravishin

In recent years, the millennia-old tea industry has undergone a renaissance. Samantha Santos’ Le Lotus Bleu ( aspires to be at the forefront of that change, providing customers with a modern consumption experience focused on innovation, sustainability and wellness, while respecting tea’s rich cultural history.

Santos, a New York City-based entrepreneur, is launching Le Lotus Bleu to create a premium, elevated product catering to a new generation. When she isn’t busy sourcing fine teas from family-owned farms in China, Japan, Africa, India and Sri Lanka — and rare blue lotus flowers from a UNESCO heritage farm in Thailand — she is working on completing her certification as a Tea Master with the International Tea Education Institute.

While new to the tea space, Santos brings nearly 20 years of entrepreneurial experience to Le Lotus Bleu. Starting her career on Wall Street, at just 18 years old, at Starr Companies under the legendary Hank Greenberg, she worked her way up to Senior Director in less than a decade. The lessons she learned at the global insurance company — resilience, how to see opportunities where others don’t, and the power of teamwork — shaped her career and professional worldview.

Santos then took her skills to startups in two burgeoning spaces. First up was Tesla, where she helped to launch the company’s auto insurance division, serving as the unit’s Head of Operations. “Working alongside another visionary, building something from the ground up, was a hands-on masterclass in learning the value of strategic thinking and the art of navigating an ever-evolving landscape,” says Santos. Later, she took a leadership role as a VP at a private insurance company as it entered the cannabis space — one of the first to do so in the United States.

“After being involved in two highly successful startups, I had a burning desire to build a company of my own,” says Santos. “Among the many lessons I learned working alongside renowned business leaders, one stood out: Follow your passion.” Santos saw a white space for a company dedicated to combining the ancient traditions of tea cultivation and service, with modern innovation and sustainability.

“For thousands of years, tea drinkers have enjoyed myriad health benefits; Le Lotus Bleu’s commitment to promoting the well-being of our customers extends beyond that. We incorporate sustainable farming, cultivation, and shipping practices while looking for ways to innovate with artificial intelligence. This dedication reflects in everything we do,” Santos passionately explains.

Presently, Le Lotus Bleu offers ten different teas, blue lotus flowers, temple-grade incense, ceramic teaware, and branded merchandise — sunglasses, tote bags, and hats. All the products are available on the company website and shipped globally.

“I’m doing something I love — building something from scratch — in a space I deeply respect,” says Santos. “How exciting is that?”