Meet the Duo behind one of Australia’s Fastest Growing Multi-Million Dollar Agencies

Many entrepreneurial stories are born from moments of frustration and the longing for something better. Such is the origin story of Entelech and its founders, Jamie Lang and Flynn Pheby. Their journey isn’t just about starting a business; it’s a story of resilience, they were committed to making a difference in the digital marketing industry and doing good work for their clients. To make sure they delivered on their promises they knew they had to build their own agency.

Despite facing countless obstacles and setbacks, Jamie and Flynn never lost sight of their goal. Each obstacle they faced only strengthened their determination, pushing them to work even harder. Today, as Entelech continues to thrive and expand, their story stands as a testament that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

Flynn & Jamie launched their first agency sleeping on a couch in a friend’s apartment with an old laptop, now they own one of Australia’s most trusted and fastest-growing digital agencies.

“The first sale we made with the first agency we started, we got left in the dark mid-pitch.” It’s not a glamorous beginning. After their work ethic took them far enough to set up their office and line up their pitch, they found themselves without electricity. They didn’t give up on that pitch, though. “We took the PC out to the hallways of the building, plugged it into the wall where the cleaners plug their vacuum cleaners, and sat on the floor in the hallway and closed the first sale.”

It’s fun to imagine young entrepreneurs in their suits, in an anxious fervor of making their first big pitch with their agency on the line, sitting in an empty hallway beside a computer. “True story that we laugh about today, but I guess it shows, early on, we had the determination to grit our teeth and make it happen.”

Forging Against the Current

“Doing it all without mentorship, making mistakes, and learning along the way,” was how their first years went. That first agency was a stepping stone. They sold their shares in it and used that to start Entelech. They did this just in time for Covid lockdowns. “That was obviously very challenging, but we managed to not only survive but grow through it.”

Their key to growth was the same work ethic that drove them to start out on their own in the first place. Real work ethic can’t be faked, and it pays off with enough tenacity. “We’ve always been very transparent with what our capabilities are, and organically grown those capabilities through continual learning and gradual recruitment.” They didn’t need to rush, just to grind their way forward, forging their company against the currents of the industry and the times.

Honest Work Gets Ahead

“Our clients comment how genuine and helpful we are compared to their previous experiences with other agencies,” they say. “We’ve just focused on our internal growth… We reached some milestones such as 3 million in revenue last year, and that we are on track for 5 million this year.”

They’ve got ambition. “We want to scale to be one of the major agencies in terms of revenue and credibility in the Australian, Thai, and UK markets, with likely expansion into the USA.” But they remember where Entelech started, and they don’t want to overlook smaller clients on their way. “We have grown by helping SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) owners pay off their cars and mortgages, and it’s a genuine passion of ours.”

Entelech’s journey is rare and fun: beginning with the tenacity and desire to do the work right, with honesty and transparency, and using this ethic to grow from one dark office to an agency surpassing $3 million in revenue. These are the stories that build an industry.