Sofia Amirova’s mission to empower and evolve the aesthetics industry

Sofia Amirova started her entrepreneurial career with a big dream, a willingness to ask for help – and almost nothing in the bank. 

With around $1000 of savings, she convinced a builder to renovate the premises for her first aesthetic clinic, promising to pay him back despite not having started the business. She slept at the back of the clinic for two years at its initial location. 

Now, six years on – including the pandemic years and associated lockdowns – Amirova says nothing has stopped her from achieving her business dream.

“I am still standing. I have sustained and survived. It’s taken perseverance and passion, and I’ve learned to find creative solutions to every setback,” she tells Brandvoice.  

Amirova Cosmetic Clinic is now based in Waterloo, supporting new innovations in injectables, skin and laser treatments. It’s known as one of Sydney’s most luxurious and trusted clinics, featuring some of the strongest testimonials in the industry. 

It’s a long way from Moldova, the country she left at the age of just 16, arriving in Australia to study English with a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. She landed her first job at Hungry Jack’s, and took on further jobs washing dishes and being a kitchenhand. She went on to complete a number of qualifications including diplomas in International Business/Business Administration and Pathology Testing, a nursing degree and a post-grad in Orthopaedics, before starting in the aesthetics world. 

And Amirova is determined to use what she’s learned building the business to support the industry’s future and other entrepreneurs starting from nothing. One such idea is that success can come with resilience and determination. A second idea is that the aesthetic industry offers much more than superficial changes. Rather, it’s an industry that empowers individuals to access new levels of self-assurance. 

Amirova puts what she’s achieved down to perseverance, passion, and a genuine desire to support people and transform lives. 

“Looking at any obstacles as an opportunity has been important. There is a problem to every solution. If you can’t do something at a certain point in time, start being creative,” she says. “I had financial restrictions regarding starting a business, but I was persistent. I talk my way with people – I communicate.” 

Amirova says success starts with being prepared to put in the work, but also stems from asking for the help you need. 

“It’s about having people who are willing to help you. But they will only help you if they see your dedication, perseverance, and hunger to succeed. Don’t get discouraged if that first person you ask doesn’t help. Keep approaching people. Keep asking.” 

Of course, success in this line of work also comes down to the customer experience and what they go on to share about that experience with others. To this end, Amirova’s clinic has three pillars to stand out: expertise, personalisation and exceptional client care. 

“Our team comprises highly skilled professionals who continuously update their knowledge and techniques to deliver the latest advancements in the field. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs, goals, and concerns, providing them with tailored treatment plans that align with their individual desires,” she says. “We prioritise creating a warm and welcoming environment where clients feel valued and receive the highest level of care throughout their journey with us.

Part of offering a great experience includes staying up to date with the latest trends and meeting the changing expectations of clients. 

“Clients are not only seeking cosmetic treatments but also looking for a comprehensive experience that addresses their overall well-being. This includes incorporating wellness practices, such as skincare rituals, relaxation techniques, and lifestyle recommendations, to enhance the overall outcome of their treatments.”

Amirova describes a stronger desire for natural-looking results, with clients seeking to enhance their features rather than pursue drastic transformations. Meanwhile, an increasing number of men are seeking aesthetic treatments, and the clinic’s overall clientele is increasingly diversifying. 

“There is a growing emphasis on subtlety and individuality, with clients desiring personalised treatments that complement their unique beauty and help them feel like the best versions of themselves,” she says.

Amirova says her passion for the aesthetic industry runs deep, describing it as where outer beauty merges with inner confidence. “That can create a profound impact on an individual’s life. Helping people discover their self-assurance has become my purpose. It fuels my drive and pushes me to make a difference every day. I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to embrace their true selves and radiate confidence.” 

Witnessing the transformation in self-confidence her clients experience is the most rewarding aspect of what she does. 

“It reinforces my belief that the aesthetic industry is not about superficial appearances but empowering individuals to embrace their unique beauty. It’s about helping them unveil their true potential and live their lives with self-assured grace,” Amirova says.

As for the future, Amirova wants to embrace innovation further and meet clients’ evolving needs. She also aims to further support the industry to be more inclusive and empowering, one that celebrates diversity and aims to enhance self-confidence in all its forms. 

“Our goal is to be more than just a clinic; we want to be a trusted resource and a source of inspiration for our clients on their transformation journeys,” she says.