Tezman Holding Announces Launch of Nutrafine Health: An Interview with Selim Tezman

Tezman Holding, a diversified holding company celebrating its 76th year, recently announced the launch of Nutrafine Health, a new nutraceutical company in the Netherlands. We sat down with Selim Tezman, Executive Board Member of Tezman Holding, to discuss the launch, Nutrafine Health’s mission, and Tezman Holding’s future plans.

Tezman Holding Expands into Nutraceuticals with Nutrafine Health

Nutrafine Health is a collaboration between wellness professionals, nutritionists, and functional medicine experts. The company aims to empower individuals worldwide to take charge of their health through a range of wellness products and supplements addressing various needs, including weight management, immune support, beauty, sleep & stress relief, menopause, and fertility.

This launch coincides with Tezman Holding’s 76th anniversary and follows a period of significant growth across several innovative niche markets.

Selim Tezman on Tezman Holding’s Growth and the Launch of Nutrafine Health

“Tezman Holding has maintained its prudent growth strategy this year,” said Mr. Tezman. “Major acquisitions planned in North and South America position us for a projected 20% USD revenue increase in 2024.”

He continued, “From our beginnings in the fastener industry to pioneering food gelatin production and forging global partnerships, Tezman Holding boasts a diversified portfolio across food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, maritime, fasteners, real estate, insurance, and more. The launch of Nutrafine Health in the Netherlands further demonstrates our commitment to innovation and our enduring legacy.”

Nutrafine Health’s Mission and Vision for the Wellness Industry

“Nutrafin e Health aspires to redefine the nutraceutical landscape by introducing groundbreaking wellness methodologies,” Mr. Tezman explained. “By combining business acumen with medical expertise, we aim to equip individuals worldwide with the tools they need for proactive health management.”

“Our premium nutraceutical supplements not only aim to enhance individual well-being but also set new standards in the global pursuit of wellness and longevity,” he added.

Mr. Tezman anticipates a significant rise in the wellness industry in the coming years, driven by a growing emphasis on holistic health, personalization, sustainability, and longevity. He predicts advancements in technology and biotechnology will revolutionize pharmaceuticals with personalized treatments, while the cosmetics sector will shift towards natural and sustainable products. Functional foods offering health benefits beyond basic nutrition are also expected to gain popularity.

Looking Ahead for Nutrafine Health

Following its launch, Nutrafine Health offers products for various needs, including beauty, mental health, sleep & stress relief, weight management, immune support, and menopause, with plans to expand their product line. Beyond high-quality products, Nutrafine Health seeks to build a supportive community fostering inner strength and self-assurance.

This venture marks Tezman Holding’s latest expansion, adding to its established subsidiaries worldwide, including its headquarters in Turkey and the Netherlands, with operations across Europe.

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